Utah Visit: JaKie’s Surprise Baby Shower

My mom and I made our way out to Utah for my aunt JaKie’s surprise baby shower! We were in Utah from April 4-7, 2013.

Thursday, April 4, 2013:

We drove through lovely Wyoming and finally made our way to North Ogden, Utah. We stayed at the McBride’s (my aunt DeNee’s house). Ryder is such a good traveler! He slept for a lot of it!


When we got into North Ogden, we met DeNee and my cousin Colton at Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria for dinner. We had some yummy pizza! As you can see Ryder was enjoying dinner (left photo below) haha.



Friday, April 5, 2013:

My aunt JaKie didn’t know we were in Utah so we couldn’t see her last night or this day. We met up with Omi and Opi and uncle Steve at Zupa’s in Riverdale. I love that place! I got what I always get when I go there- the ‘Nuts About Berries’ salad and their Tomato Basil soup with Orzo. My mom ran into one of her best friends from a long time ago, Amy Greer eating at Zupa’s. She actually was one of the first persons to hold me at the hospital right after I was born! Opi is obsessed with Alabama as Omi and Opi live there. He put his Alabama hat on Ryder and took these photos! He also made all the collages in this post haha. He LOVES to take photos and loves editing them on various iPhone apps and on his computer.


After eating at Zupa’s, we peeked in a tiny baby/maternity boutique in Ogden and then hung out at the McBride’s house for the afternoon. We were going to meet up with my cousin Kayla at The Fashion Place mall but she got a flat tire so we met her in a random parking lot around the Salt Lake area while we tried to figure out a tire solution. Then we headed off to JaKie’s surprise baby shower! Apparently she loves the brie burgers at the restaurant at The Radisson in Salt Lake City. She thought she was going to be eating dinner with Omi and Opi and some of their friends. But when she walked in a bunch of other people were there! She kind of knew something was up because her son, CaLon gave her a hint something was going on haha. We all ate cheeseburgers and she opened up her presents for her baby girl, TaTem! Oh, and I had the most amazing strawberry shortcake for dessert there!

JaKie & Ryder meeting for the first time!


Some of the group!


Saturday, April 6, 2013:

Unfortunately we were around Salt Lake City but didn’t have tickets to any General Conference sessions! So, we hung out at the Toner’s (JaKie’s house) in Clearfield for a little bit in the morning and then had lunch. Opi took these photos :)



Since my aunt just found out we were in town she wanted to go shopping for baby TaTem. We all made our way to City Creek! It was my first visit to City Creek and it was pretty great! I scored a great deal on some brown tights at Nordstrom and a cute navy and white striped onesie for Ryder at Baby Gap. We also got some yummy caramels at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Got to love chocolate ;)

My cousin LuKus loved pushing Ryder around in Nordstrom! // The best view at City Creek…the Salt Lake City temple!


Sadly the photo below is blurry but Ryder made a friend at Baby Gap! So cute! // AND…my mom tried this headband on him haha…I guess this is what he may look like if he were a girl haha. Sorry Ryder, had to post this…!


Afterwards, we hung out at JaKie’s some more and LuKus played with Ryder. LuKus is definitely ready to be a big brother! He was so cute around Ryder! JaKie told me he hadn’t really been around a baby before. For dinner, Omi made wieners, soup, and bread.


LuKus then learned how to feed Ryder and wipe his face full of baby food with the spoon lol. He also learned how to gag Ryder ha! It was hilarious!


Sunday, April 7, 2013:

We hopped in the car and did a long road trip back home to Fort Collins!


Overall, I would say it was a fun little weekend trip! I need to go back to Utahhh!

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  1. Oh I miss Zupas so much!

    I love your diaper bag. (; I have the same one