Ryder’s 1st Time Swinging + Park Play Date


Each month, Ryder and I attend a fun play date group with friends and their babies. About all of our babies were born in 2012. For this month, we hit up Fossil Creek Park on March 14th, 2013. We had snacks, swung on swings, and just hung out. I had just come from working out (Step & ab class) and couldn’t stay long as I had visiting teaching shortly after. It was a fun time with 8 babies and 8 moms…I think that was everyone... Anyways, I had been dying to take Ryder on a swing for the first time, but the weather was just too cold. We all came to the park on the best day as the weather was in the 60’s! I quickly ran over and put him in the swing. In the photos above, he wasn’t exactly sure what he was thinking of the whole experience haha. In the first photo, he was all awkward and then in the second photo, he was feeling more comfortable. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos or videos of him smiling and giggling hysterically but he did LOVE the swing after a few minutes! I am excited for the weather to get warmer so I can take him a lot more! I seriously now want to take him to the park every day. Every day after I workout, I drive past this park and wish the weather would be warmer so I can put him in the swing for a bit! It is too fun! Overall, it was a fun little Thursday afternoon!

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