Ryder’s 1st Easter

March 31, 2013: Ryder’s first Easter was a memorable one. If only his daddy was in town! Next year ;) We started the day off by getting ready for church in his new Easter outfit- Gap button down shirt and purple pants and cute brown sandals from Clothes Pony! He was excited about it I tell ya! Also in the right photo below, he is wearing some awesome Peruvian (I think?) handmade cat shoes Kelsi got him for Christmas. They are starting to fit! So fun!


I went to my parents ward…as it is 2 hours later than mine and Kevin was out of town and it was Easter…hehe. Ryder loves hanging out with my fam in church :) Also, my mom teaches the 12 and 13 year olds at church and I had Ryder spy on them…he was excited to look through the window!


After church ended, Ryder got to eat in their vintage highchair ;) My parents saved their last baby things (high chair, swing, portable swing, pack n play) from when Hunter was a baby because my mom really wanted to for future grandkids. I’m SO glad they did because ALL of the things have come in handy, for sure. I just call the stuff vintage for fun…they kind of are though... My mom got Ryder (& all future grandkids) the jumper/exersaucer Ryder is in, in the right photo below. He LOVES IT!!! Also, Ryder wants to introduce you to his super soft Easter lamb my parents got him for Easter. If you wind it up, it plays music. So sweet!


If I remember right, I think we had chicken salad sandwiches on crescent rolls for lunch. So good. Then…the Easter bunny came so we all went out for a fun Easter egg hunt. I wasn’t really planning on getting any eggs or anything but I was invited ;) Also, the pink bunny basket was mine from when I was a little kid! So fun. Ryder LOVES to chomp on Easter eggs that is for sure!


I love this photo of Ryder and my dad! Purple is the cool color to wear!


I wanted to help Ryder pick up eggs but my back/SI joints weren’t going to have it (Ankylosing Spondylitis disease). Because I could barely walk (only limp) and not really lift Ryder that well, my dad helped me. I can’t believe how much pain I was in! It was sad I couldn’t take care of him but my dad picked up the eggs and put them in the basket for me while I held Ryder. Ryder seemed to be enjoying all of this!


Hunter, me, Zach…yes, we may be a little old to go on a hunt but hey, who doesn’t want free candy?


Holidays are so much funner with a baby!


Afterwards, we divvied up our eggs to make sure we all had the same amount of each egg color ;) The Easter bunny was on top of his/her game so we all got equal amounts haha.


After we pounded some Easter candy, we ate an amazing dinner! We ate mashed potatoes, peas, ham, pineapple, pretzel rolls (LOVE those), and some Martinelli’s drink. It was delicious!!! I also LOVE to eat ham and pineapple together. I feel like it is only on holidays we do that…maybe we should do it more often!


Then my parents bathed Ryder for me…they are so nice! And Ryder sat up in the tub for the first time! I guess he is able to do that! I had been laying him on a recliner chair thing for awhile but he was definitely getting too long for it. Sitting up is SO much better and fun for him! He loves to eat bath toys and wash cloths!


Our Easter was pretty good! Next time hopefully Kevin will be here and I will be on some drugs (was and still am on Vicadin but wasn’t helping) where I am not in pain :) Hope your Easter was splendid!

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