Ryder’s 1st Carousel Ride + Meeting the Easter Bunny

All this fun went down on Saturday, March 30, 2013, the day before Easter :) In the morning, Kevin and I went to the Colorado State intramural fields to meet up with one of Kevin’s best friends from BYU – Bryce Merrill. Bryce and Kevin knew each other from the dorms and were roommates after Kevin got back from his mission. Bryce is BYU’s Ultimate Frisbee coach and BYU was playing a bunch of Colorado and Utah teams at a tournament here in Fort Collins. We were able to see him in between games for a little bit so it was perfect. We love when friends come through town or happen to be nearby! Then Kevin left to go out of town on a business trip to Florida and Ryder and I hung out. I had been wanting to take Ryder to see the Easter Bunny and Easter did kind of creep up on me so it didn’t happen. My mom and I were talking and we thought, “Why not? Let’s do it!” Our main mall in Fort Collins is getting remodeled – about time! – so there was no Easter Bunny there. My mom found out that the only one nearby was at the Greeley Mall which is 30 minutes away. It was a last minute trip and a very fun one I might add.

My dad, mom, Zach, Hunter, Ryder and I went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. We found a mini carousal and had to put Ryder on for his first ride! I walked in circles holding him (there was a VERY LOW weight maximum so I couldn’t sit on one lol) and then Hunter held him for a bit. I think Hunter was almost at the max weight. I think Ryder enjoyed it ha! He was such a cutie!


In the right photo below, you can see Hunter in a hurricane simulator! Has anyone tried one of these? It was hysterical! Basically it gets crazy windy so you can imagine what it may be like in a hurricane…if I didn’t have my hair down I might try it but seriously my hair would get so tangled lol.


And here we have the lovely Easter Bunny photos! At first, I thought Ryder and Hunter would just be in the photo…then my parents were like “Zach get in!” He didn’t want to so I got in for moral support. Actually, I’m not sure if Hunter wanted to be in the photo.

Now let me explain the funny photo on the left.

1. It is a random combination of siblings and Ryder. We are missing Kelsi (in a study abroad in Portugal) & Patrick at CU Boulder.

2. The Easter Bunny had a big fan right behind him (or her?!) because I’m sure it was hot in the Easter Bunny outfit…because of the fan, our hair was blowing like crazy and we kept having to move it out of our faces lol. So I am leaning to the right to avoid the fan but my hair is still windblown.

3. The bunny is also leaning to the right weirdly lol.

4. Ryder’s face…and he looks like a baker with his hat pulled up way high lol.


We were just going to get the photo on the right but the one on the left was too funny. Maybe you had to be there but we thought it was pretty funny. Afterwards, we ate some pizza at the food court and my brother’s threw coins in some weird mall game ha. My family was really helpful for me because Kevin had just left out of town and my low back/spine was flaring up (Ankylosing Spondylitis, my auto-immune disease). I was having a hard time taking care of Ryder, holding him, lifting him, bathing him, carrying him in his car seat, taking the stroller in and out of the car…so my parents were very helpful. My dad and mom bathed Ryder that evening as I could barely move or walk (could only limp). I’m glad we had a fun evening so it could distract me from my pain. It was a good day….minus…the health issues of course :) And looking back, it is easier to forget how much pain I was having so that is always good.

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