My Little Fox



He is a cute munchkin in this fox shirt. I can’t get over him. This was on Tuesday, March 12th. Ryder and I just came from working out and visited Gpa at work and same with Kevin. We found out that there are not really any toys at Zephyr so Ryder got to play with an airline pillow. He got a kick out of it. It was perfect because if he fell, he wouldn’t hurt his head because there was a pillow around it haha. Afterwards, we went to Kwal paint and picked up some samples and finalized tax documents for our tax meeting the next day (yay!). Then Ryder attended a girls night and was the only boy! My friends, Sarah, Bekah, Jessy, and Elissa ate dinner at Café Rio and went to Bekah’s for games and dessert. It was good times. Basically, he is a cutie and I had to share these photos. LOVE him. And want to know something crazy? He will be 7 months old tomorrow…!


  1. That airplane pillow is so funny! Talk about fool proof, too :)

    Ashley, you are so cute. I love reading your blog! (and your darling instagrams, too)


  2. Is he always smiling?!?!? He is precious! And my sister got us a similar fox shirt from gymboree I can't wait to put our little man in it next winter!

  3. What a big boy he is now! Wow! And that little fox sweater is TOO cute! We saw that at Target ... cause I dont go anywhere else. Im adicted! Can you believe we have 7 month olds?! That is crazy for me to think!