Mom’s Birthday: Snooze, Clothes Pony, & Rodizio’s

My mom’s birthday was on Friday, March 29, 2013. We celebrated all day!

First off, my dad, mom, Zach, aunt NaNet, Ryder, and I all went to Snooze! Zach was able to go because his school was starting much later that day for some reason. Kevin had a business meeting at work so he didn’t make it. I feel like I am always blogging about this amazing breakfast/lunch restaurant in downtown Fort Collins, but it is amazing and we often celebrate here!

I have never had a bad meal here so I often try random things I wouldn’t normally order…and they always taste amazing! I decided to get breakfast tacos this time and they were pretty good!


Ryder lounging in the highchair haha. // Then everyone left, but my mom, Ryder and I. Often times after eating at Snooze, we hit up Clothes Pony which is the neatest baby/children’s boutique ever. We wanted to find things for my aunt JaKie’s baby shower and see if they had any Easter shoes for Ryder. We got Ryder some cute brown sandals which will be perfect for the warmer weather and my mom found some gifts for JaKie. I have kind of been wanting to get either a teething necklace or bracelet that I wear and Ryder chews on but I just can’t find any that are cute and that I would want to wear. They had some here but I don’t know, maybe they don’t make cute ones out there! I knew Ryder would have to be eating soon and my mom mentioned “Hey there is a nursing chair over there with a sign.” Haha! So in the picture below you can see that and I fed Ryder there. They had nursing covers you could borrow hanging on a piece of furniture but that is not something I really want to borrow haha. It was funny feeding him under a big sign that said “Nursing Chair!” Good idea though. It made us stay longer and buy more lol.


I saw this cuckoo clock and thought it was pretty cool! I love cuckoo clocks though! Maybe it is the German in me!IMG_9979

Then we hung out at home for a bit and then it was time for dinner. Patrick came down from Boulder and the whole family – minus Kelsi doing a study abroad in Portugal – ate at Rodizio’s. If you haven’t been to Rodizio’s, it is just like Tucano’s…which is a Brazilian restaurant where guys bring meat skewers out and you sample different meats. They have amazing cheese bread balls and fried bananas…my fav!!! They also have the most amazing grilled pineapple! There is not many times when I eat exactly the right amount at Rodizio’s. I always overeat! It is hard not too! I need to eat less salads and things like that and more meat. Some of the damage!


My mom and Ryder…and Ryder and I! And I am obsessed with this cute jacket Kathy got him! We love it!!!


My little family! And…Ryder chews on everything!


After we stuffed our faces with Brazilian barbecue, my mom opened some presents and had cake! My dad got this insane tropical beach house cake…like the cake was a beach tropical house if that makes sense…it was cool! The cake was really good too. And here you can see my mom and I being weird…


Overall it was a good day and I think my mom had a pretty good Birthday! The only downside was I was having MAJOR arthritis problems so I was limping and it was getting REALLY bad…other than that, it was great! Happy Birthday mom! I love you!


  1. Hi Ashley, your blog is so cute. Ryder's jacket is adorable. I love little boy clothes, they are my weakness. Ps.i think we used to be in the same ward when you were here in provo, you look very familiar. =)