Mommy & Baby Swim Lessons


Ever since I had heard that you could throw a baby in a pool and they could swim (YouTube it) I wanted to put Ryder in ‘Mommy & Me’ infant swim lessons! For all the lessons, the babies have to be 6 months old to start so as soon as he was 6 months, we started them! Ryder started swim lessons on March 19, 2013. We go twice a week (Tues/Thurs) from 5:10-5:40 pm in Loveland with 4 other moms and babies I know (Gwen & Valencia, Anna & Emery, Bekah & Carmen, & Katie & Everett)! What do babies do at this age in swim lessons?

We help them lay on their bellies while they kick, practice laying on their backs, sing songs and move them around in the water (this totally reminds me of the musical parent/child group part of that one Modern Family episode when Cam and Mitchell bring Lily and they claim she builds a tower out of blocks…please someone tell me that you know what I am talking about ;), have them sit on the side of the pool and put water on their faces/head, help them slide off the side of the pool into your arms, lay on rafts with other babies, practice reaching for balls while on their stomach and kicking a ball while on their back, lay on those things you hold onto when you are learning to swim and kick while going on a lazy river, dunk them under water, take them on a lazy river and have them get hit by water fountains, and more.

Kevin went tonight for his first time (sometimes husbands come if they can) and it was a lot of fun. I got stuck in a whirlpool with Ryder. I am not even kidding! It was hilarious haha. Afterwards, we hang out in the hot tub (babies not in it – they sit on the side of the hot tub or we let their feet get in to warm them up) and chill. Overall, it is a good time and I’m glad I signed him up for the lessons!

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