Mid March Happenings


This post consists of happenings from March 11-20, 2013, minus: home renovation updates. Some of what went down:

+ The 11th: Kevin & I went on a double date with our friends Danny & Gwen and their baby girl Valencia to Rustic Oven. It was a great evening! Afterwards, Kevin & I watched The Bachelor finale and were stoked when Sean picked the Asian chick…already forgetting her name, haha!

+ The 12th: I finished getting all our tax crap together. That is always a great feeling! Ryder and I visited Gpa & Kevin at work here.  In the evening, Ryder and I went to a girls night with my friends Bekah (& baby Carmen), Elissa, Jessy, and Sarah. We all ate dinner at Café Rio and played games at Bekah’s afterwards. Then we all ate a ton of ice-cream! Oh, and by the way, I workout 5-6 times a week so it is ok haha.

+ The 13th: Kevin and I went to Greeley to visit our CPA. So glad taxes are done with!!! After a Kickboxing workout, we ate at Café Rio!

+ The 14th: After my morning workout, Ryder and I went to a play date at the park and Ryder went on his first swing here! Afterwards, I went visit teaching annnnd…spent the rest of the day packing up our kitchen for our remodel! I HATE PACKING!

+ The 15th: We had a measuring guy come in the morning and check our measurements for our kitchen. I went to my friend Mindy’s yoga class and then spent the rest of the day finishing packing up the kitchen and packing to move to my parents (during the kitchen/main level remodel). This day was SO busy and crazy! I moved all of the stuff from the fridge to my parent’s fridges, Ryder’s stuff, and a bunch of my stuff all in between feedings and feeding myself and going to print the ward bulletins ha! As you can see in a photo above, Hunter carried Ryder’s and my luggage to my room in the basement. He was such a help moving over! I think he was just really excited Ryder would be living in the same house as him!

+ The 16th: I got my hair cut after months of not getting it cut…it is always a good idea to get your hair cut! Every time I go, I am like, “Why don’t I go more often?! Gosh my hair was bad!” So that was great. Kevin and I went to Ikea and finalized our kitchen plans and made the big purchase. More on this here. We also picked up Ryder’s lost ‘Sophie the giraffe’ toy at Ikea that we had lost the week prior! I hate losing his toys! Also, Kevin started ripping out cabinets, carpet, and flooring!

+ The 17th: We went to church and did house stuff!

+ The 18th: This was another crazy day. I worked out and ran some errands (Kohl’s, Babies ‘r’ Us’). After Kevin got off work, we hit up Lowe’s (got some more paint samples and housing materials) and picked up a quick pizza from Little Caesars. We also brought the Mazda to Lowe’s which wasn’t the best idea because we had to finagle baseboards in there and it was probably really unsafe as we drove haha.

+ The 19th: Kevin left for Atlanta, Georgia today on business. I worked out (Advanced Step & Ab class) and went to Group. Ryder also started his first day at SWIM LESSONS! They are so fun. I will do a little post on this as well.

+ The 20th: I went to yoga/Pilates and hit up Super Target afterwards. Ryder had his first ride in a shopping cart! He did great! He is growing up soooo fast! And as you can see I got an elephant humidifier…which is the coolest thing ever. In case you didn’t know, elephants are my favorite animal! Ever since I saw that humidifier at Target, I knew I had to have it. Our old humidifier wasn’t working and had been just sitting in our closet for awhile so I threw it out and got a new one! Also, you know you shop at Target a lot when almost everything you own is Up & Up brand hehe. Afterwards, I picked up 5 Guys for my brother, Zach and I for dinner. He picked up the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Kevin was out of town and my family was out of town so we ate cheeseburgers, fries, and watched Skyfall.  And of course we got a lemon of a Redbox…it kept freezing so we decided to try and find it online to finish the movie. The first thing Zach typed into the computer was “Watch Skyfall online” and bam, the entire movie was on some website with no commercials…so we finished it there lol. Yep, illegally!

That’s a wrap!

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