Home Remodel: Flooring

Kevin & I went to Home Depot on Black Friday 2012 to check out their appliances. We actually ended up buying flooring right then and there! We had been looking at flooring for a long time, probably for about a year when we bought this, so it wasn’t like we just bought it for the heck of it…but I felt like we did lol. We also had looked at Lowe’s and Lumbar Liquidators. Basically, we got a killer deal on Pergo so we went with it. There was about one pallet of the wood at the end of the aisle that was a great deal. That meant we didn’t have any choice on the color, if we wanted the deal, and we are all about the deals haha. We just went with it! The flooring style we really wanted was way too expensive (next house!) and we figured the color we bought was basic and normal and would be fine. It was definitely an upgrade from what we had in our house prior so that was good. There was also another couple looking at the wood very intensely but we took it hahaha. They let us know we could always return it so we decided to try it out.

Kevin got it to fit perfectly in the Jeep – flooring, padding for under the floor (Forget what it is called), and a pallet we could put the flooring on. We got it in October (& started the remodel in March) and decided to keep it in the garage instead of haul it in the basement and then bring it right back up in a few months. Parking the Jeep in the garage, in the winter, makes for a snowy, wet, mess in the garage. I did NOT want the flooring to get warped so good thing we had a pallet to protect it!

photo 1photo 3

After Kevin ripped out the carpet and linoleum!

< Make sure to let the wood acclimate (couple days in the room you are installing it) before you put it in! >


Kevin worked SO hard on the floor! He watched lots of YouTube videos and read stuff online. Paying someone to install the floor can be pricey and Kevin felt confident he could do it, so he taught himself. This Pergo was the clicklock stuff so it wasn’t like true hardwood floors that you have to nail in. It is easier, but still time consuming and hard work! Kevin figured he could learn some random renovation skills by learning/practicing on our first home :) I am so proud of Kevin and his hard work and I think the floor looks great!


We had a few electrical issues so we actually probably need to get an electrician out here haha. Totally just reminded myself. The plug on the floor is actually going to be beneath our butcher block so we can plug in whatever we need (i.e.. waffle maker, Kitchen Aid, random things). And as of now, I don’t think this plug works lol. // Kevin started putting together our Ikea cabinets so I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the whole floor, finished. But as you can see, it is finished!


I spy a baby.


Once more of the kitchen is finished, Kevin will put the baseboards back on as well as the quarter-rounds. I am so excited for the final result and so thankful for Kevin’s hard work! He is amazing!


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  1. It's looking so good! I'm excited to see the end result.

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