Home Remodel: Demolition & Paint

If you want to see the first home remodel post about our kitchen dilemma and decisions, click here. The demolition started March 15th and is completed. Kevin has done everything so far by himself along with working a full time job in which he travels VERY often. The plan is for him (and sometimes friends who help) to do everything except for the painting (in which we hired someone). Right now he is finishing up flooring and in the process of building cabinets! We are just waiting on a part to arrive for an electrical outlet on the floor (so we can plug things in from near the butcher block). Once that part arrives, he will finish the flooring and put the baseboards and quarter-rounds back on.

I am so proud of Kevin as he has been working incredibly hard on this! Not only is he working a full-time job and traveling a ton, but after he gets off work, he goes straight home, and works on the house. We really don’t spend much time together because when he is in town, he is trying to knock out a good part of this renovation and that is in the evening. In the evening, Ryder is on a schedule – well he is all the time now – but he eats his baby food, gets a bath, and an early bedtime around 8 pm so by the time I am done putting him to bed, Kevin is going to go to bed. We do try to make time here and there though to hang out because that is important. Like we did go on a date on Monday and he came to Ryder’s swim lessons yesterday. But, I owe him so much right now! He is such a hard worker! I am still at my parents house, with Ryder, and will be until it is done. It is much easier to cook with a kitchen and not a microwave in a garage ;) Especially, when we are in the process of selling our old appliances and cabinets…might not have that microwave for much longer! When Kevin doesn’t have food plans, I make something at my parents and then bring it over or we get a $5 pizza…basically easy things. We are both excited for it to be finished and can’t wait to see what it will look like! We are also excited to invite a bunch of people over as we haven’t really been doing that…like at all…since our main level is a construction zone! What is cool about remodeling vs. buying a house that already has a nice kitchen or whatever, is that you get to pick everything out and it is exactly how you want it…well, within budget of course!

Here is the latest!

The Demolition

1. Kevin started ripping out the carpet…and as you can see, Katinka is enjoying the house in chaos haha! I bet she is so confused with this remodel…poor thing!


2. Next was ripping out cabinets and appliances! Goodbye GHETTO pantry we bought in college at Target haha!


3. Then the laminate/vinyl had to go…whatever the flooring was in the kitchen… Apparently that was hard to take out because it was nailed to the subfloor and there were tons of nails they had to hammer down or something… (don’t I sound like I know a lot? Haha…not) Anyways, below is Derk Masters, our good friend from church! He has been SO helpful! We love their family.


4. The next step was to take out the backsplash/tile. This was when I stepped in…haha ok for like 3 minutes… It was kind of fun to hit the tile for a bit but then it hurt my back lol, dang arthritis. As you can see, taking the tile out damaged the drywall a bit.  We thought about having someone drywall it for us but after Kevin worked on it, we decided it was just fine.



5. I talked about our painting decisions here. Choosing a paint color was SO hard! I am so happy with our final result though. As you can tell from the photos in this post, they aren’t that great. They were ones either Kevin or I took randomly at any time of day…so the lighting is different. I think it is very hard to tell what the paint looks like with the photos I have here but this is all I got for now. If I would have taken some photos earlier in the day with lots of natural light, I think you could see what the color really looks like!


After the 2nd round of paint samples went up! And the below photo, was after the 3rd round :) It just took us 13 samples to get the right one!

(By the way, get paint samples from Lowe’s! They are only about $3-4…Kwal’s were $7ish!)


The winning color was Benjamin Moore’s ‘Gray Owl’! In the photo above, the paint sample, ‘Gray Owl’ is the bottom left. I don’t have all of the paint sample names to include in this post but one we sampled was, Behr’s ‘Granite Boulder.’ We decided it was a little too dark for our kitchen/living room area but a great color nonetheless.  We also looked at Allen & Roth ‘Rain Puddle’ which is a great color but seemed to pull too much blue or turquoise. I really wanted to sample Restoration Hardware’s ‘Gravel’ but Lowe’s couldn’t color match it for me :( At one point we had decided on Benjamin Moore’s ‘Harbor Grey’ but I chickened out last minute because I thought it might be a little too dark…in reality, it probably wouldn’t have been haha. It really is a great color. This is when I got my third round of paint samples and chose Benjamin Moore ‘Gray Owl.’ Apparently it is one of their most popular sellers. Long story short, I researched way too many grey colors and googled them all on Google Image and I got really obsessive trying to find the right one and I’m glad it is over and looks great :) Final say, the pictures below aren’t the best lighting to see the lovely color, but I will post a better picture in the next home remodel post!


Next up: Flooring update!


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