Baby Play Dates & Lunch Dates & a Snowstorm


This post consists of little life snippets from March 21-28, 2013:

// Kevin went on a little business trip to Atlanta, Georgia from the 19th to the 21st.

// As you can see in a photo above, Ryder loves to chew on everything…including my dad’s hat! He loves to grab hats whenever anyone is wearing them and now…loves to chew on them! I always wonder when his first tooth will grow in!

// Our friends Gwen, Danny, & their daughter Valencia came over and hung out one fine Saturday. The guys watched basketball and we ordered Chili House (Asian food) take out. It was a fun time. I stole Gwen’s Instagram photo (above) and as you can see Ryder and Valencia had a good time, hehe.  They were both enjoying tummy time at one point and then Ryder rolled over RIGHT NEXT to her. They seriously like almost kissed. They were looking at each others’ faces and touching them…it was funny. They are also pretty close in age, like a few weeks, so it is fun to get them together! Gwen actually went to my high school and graduated a year before me and I didn’t even know her, but I do now! So crazy. Valencia is also in Ryder’s swim class.

//  It snowed like crazy and I was barely able to drive out of my parent’s driveway to go workout one Saturday morning. I was the first to drive down the driveway and I couldn’t even see where the road was at all. It was crazy. I just kind of guessed where it was. My dad spent hours snow blowing and shoveling! The class wasn’t even that early (9:15 am) and there was like NO ONE on the roads! I was hoping that I would be able to get a good spot in the class (yoga/Pilates class) because I was thinking not many people would be at the gym…WRONG. Everyone and their dog was at the gym! I swear people are so hardcore with working out here! It is always packed and so hard to find parking spots at certain times…I had to walk in deep snow with Ryder in the car seat just to get inside ha! It was worth it though.

// Kevin and I attended Ward Conference and I took a few photos afterwards (some above). I wanted to try and take a couple because Kevin would be out of town on Easter Sunday.

// In one photo above, you can see Ryder sucking on a cookie. Sandi Garrett (a lady from church) made our family a huge batch of amazing cookies! We all ate one right away and we let Ryder suck on one for a bit. My dad said he wanted to be the first one to give Ryder chocolate so he asked if he could suck on the cookie! He actually had just ate some prunes so that is prunes all over his face…not chocolate lol. I had…A LOT of cookies…over the next few days…lol. So hard not to! 

// Kevin started on flooring for our kitchen/main level remodel and our painter finished painting. Posts on the home remodel here and here.

// When Kevin is out of town a lot for work, we sometimes will try and meet up for lunch to get some more time together. We met up in Loveland and ate a yummy QDoba meal together (photo above.) Afterwards I got to run fun errands like going to Wells Fargo and picking up a year supply of contacts. I also scored some great deals at Baby Gap and Children’s Place and got Ryder some things he really needed (bigger pjs and pants!). Of course, I used coupons and giftcards and everything I bought was on sale! I love getting a good deal.

// Ryder is actually wearing some pjs I got at the Children’s Place in a photo above. They have narwhals on them and…can you believe he is wearing a size 12-18 months?! He is so tall that he needs bigger sizes! After I bought them, I Google Imaged ‘narwhals’ and kind of started getting scared of those whales. Like what if one popped a raft or made a hole in a cruise ship? Haha. Nonetheless, they are pretty cool.

// Oh, like the day we started to do the whole remodel thing, a huge spring to our garage door broke so that was very annoying. We finally got it fixed! Got to love home expenses piling on…especially when you have the most you’ve ever had thanks to remodeling! That is one downside to owning for sure…

// Ryder had a bunch of swim lessons. More on that here

// My disease – ankylosing spondylitis - flared up REALLY bad where I actually had to limp because it hurt so bad to walk. I was hoping I had injured myself working out because if so, then, 1. It could heal and get better even if worse case scenario I had to get surgery or something… and 2. It wouldn’t be a chronic lifelong thing but…no, it was my disease. An MRI confirmed this :’( (Will post on my disease soon…really I will.) But, I was lucky my rheumatologist was able to see me ASAP so Kevin left work to attend the appointment as it was very important.  I also started some ‘roids…as in steroids. I’m on Prednisone and Vicadin all the time…and things are still not normal. I guess I will just say a few things here but expound upon this in my post coming up but I may have to give myself shots every 2 weeks…specifically Humira…and guys, 1 shot runs at $2000!!! Who can afford this crap?! I’m hoping insurance will take care of most of that, haha. Also, who wants to give themselves a shot in the thigh or abdomen?! Not me! I hate needles and IVs…and all that. And I’ve read the medicine burns BAD when it goes in…I even watched a video of a girl giving herself one and let me say…I hope that will not be me. Anyways, we shall see what happens. If it gets so bad that I get how I was like a couple of weeks ago (in this post), I will need to start weaning Ryder before I start on some more hardcore drugs. How long does it take to wean a baby from nursing?! I have no clue and that won’t be fun.

// I spent a lovely afternoon at Wal-Mart shopping (and limping around) while our Mazda’s oil got changed. I don’t know what is in the water there but like 10 people stopped and were smiling and trying to talk to Ryder and complimenting him haha! Everyone was SO friendly! It was hilarious.

// My mom and I shopped for an Easter outfit for Ryder and scored winners at Baby Gap. By the way, stores need to carry more BABY BOY EASTER clothes! There were tons of little dresses everywhere and not much of a selection for little boys! Like didn’t even see that many ties, bowties, shoes…cute Easter outfits…

// And Ryder got trapped in his play mat (photo above). I was getting ready and heard him being fussy, turned around, and he was trapped! Poor guy! I would hate to be trapped like that! Everything you knew to be safe, wasn’t…and collapsed on you haha!

That’s a wrap!

Next posts coming up include: Mom’s Birthday, Ryder’s 1st carousel ride & meeting the Easter Bunny, Easter, Home Remodel: Flooring, and a post on ‘My Disease: Living with Ankylosing Spondylitis.’

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  1. I can't get enough of Ryder! Oh my gosh! He is so cute. That picture of his and that cookie is to die for.
    Also I want those breakfast tacos at the top! SOO good looking! happy birthday to your pretty mom!