April Snowstorms Bring May…

…Snowstorms! Tomorrow, May 1st, there is a ‘Winter Storm Warning’ and we are supposed to get 12+ inches. Just Sunday, it was in the 70’s so I got out all of my shorts and t-shirts as well as Ryder’s! Today it was starting to get colder and actually rained. We will see what happens tomorrow!

Now, for what went down recently in April!

This post consists of happenings from April 15-24 (minus the Wyoming trip here from April 19-22):


^^ I love to watch Ryder sleep. On a side note his cheeks seem to get rosy from time to time. He certainly does not get that from me. No matter how hard I work out or how hot it is where I am, my face stays the same color…pasty white haha!


^^ Ryder eats baby food like a champ and is clearly enthusiastic about it! // My face as I head out to the gym early morning while there is a snowstorm! It was SO cold! I had to bust out my warmest jacket and put up the eskimo hood en route to the gym’s entrance!


^^ Some snow, during some of the snow days. There were 3 snow days for school for my brothers. We got 25+ inches! The roads were usually bad in the morning but I ventured out anyways to the gym and they got better as the day went on. But sometimes, the wind and snow would be blowing so hard and fast that it was hard to see. After one workout at the central location, my 15 minute ride home took 35 minutes because of the snow and slow drivers.


^^ Hunter and Ryder in the car on our way to Schlotzsky’s in the snow storm. Ryder was holding Hunter’s hand; it was so cute! Meanwhile, Kevin was on a business trip in New York City.


^^ My friend Lesley’s mother-in-law, Cyndi (who goes to my church and works at a rheumatology office), dropped off pamphlets of biologic medicine for me to read since I may be starting one of them soon. She even dropped them off in the intense snow storm! Seriously, sooo nice! More on my disease here and here. I also went to a free physical therapy consultation at Rebound Physical Therapy. They have a physical therapy place at the gym I work out at and when you sign up they give you a free consultation. I asked the people who worked there who was the best with backs and spines and saw that guy. He said my spine kind of is twisted to the right, or something like that. So, say you are a normal person and are standing on both feet…now, shift your weight onto your right leg. That is how a lot of people stand. Now, apparently that is my spine normal when I have my weight on both of my feet. Soooo…I’m taking that with a grain of salt lol. As for now, I am not starting physical therapy there. I asked if they deal with a lot of people with Ankylosing Spondylitis and he said not really since it is very rare…so lol. If I do start it up, I want to go to the best physical therapist and get my moneys worth, if that is possible! Too bad. Ryder could have gone in the gym’s daycare if I went there! And, my mom and I went to my rheumatology appointment which went great. More on that here.


^^ Snow storms call for flannel Polo one-piece outfits and beanies. I think he is the cutest!


^^ Coming home from working out once and you can see the snow falling in the pictures! Also check out those icicles! They actually got A LOT bigger but I didn’t catch them at their finest moment. I posted this photo on Instagram (ashleysloan7) but let me post what I wrote here as well because I think it is awesome (if you like The Office).

“3 Snow Days (for my bros), 20+ inches of snow, & legit icicles. Because I see icicles & think of The Office, I will leave you with this..."Dwight Schrute: It's very unusual for Michael not to show up to work. My guess, he's either deeply depressed or an icicle has snapped off his roof and impaled his brain. He has this terrible habit of standing directly underneath them and staring up at them. And I always say, "Michael, take two steps back and stare at the icicle from the side." And he's like, "No, I like the way they look from standing directly underneath them." It was only a matter of time." // #snow #snow day #icicles #fortcollins #colorado #theoffice #dwightschrute #michaelscott #mostrandominstagramever


^^ Ryder passed his 1st class of swim lessons! Woohoo! We had a blast at them! I would say the last couple of classes he has really learned how to splash around in the water. He is obsessed with hitting the water and then gets surprised when his face gets wet. Also, my face gets wet a lot now hah. Surprising for me too! I am thinking it is not really the swim lessons but more of a developmental thing. In the group photo above, left to right is, Ryder and I, Everett and Katie, Valencia and Gwen, and Emery and Anna! Such a fun group and I’m glad we were all able to sign up and do the class together!


^^ When you are cooking and you don’t know where you put your baby, throw them in a sink! Hehe. This second sink in my parent’s kitchen is just perfect for him! He played with a measuring cup while in it and was very content while we all cooked! Meanwhile, Kevin drove to Ikea to exchange some cabinets that were the wrong size for our kitchen. Long story short (will be explained in our Home Remodel: Cabinets post), the Ikea measuring guy either measured our wall incorrectly or inputted the data incorrectly into the Ikea Kitchen Design program, so we had to exchange 24 inch cabinets for 18. Major annoyance. So much for having someone come out to check our measurements! // Also, Ryder loves the last page in B is for Bear book because it has a mirror :)


^^ I just love this photo of him haha. Basically, he always finds the aspirator (snot sucker) and likes to play with it. It is kind of the grossest toy ever?! Don’t worry, I always take it away…


^^ “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Ryder was having fun playing with a vintage alphabet sound toy that my parents had when my younger siblings were kids and landed on his arm all funny. He wasn’t enjoying this moment.


^^ Left to right: Amanda, Sonja, Sarah, Ryder, me, Carmen, Bekah, & Jessi all had a girls night at Noodles & Company! It was a good time. Then some of us went to Bekah’s afterwards to hangout a little longer. The odds were certainly in Ryder’s favor as he was the only man in attendance! // Poor Ryder was so bored while I folded our ward bulletins at church. He wasn’t having it so I had to rush and fold SUPER quick so we could leave lol. And actually, Kevin left this evening for a quick business trip to Indianapolis. I try to plan these girls nights for when Kevin is out of town because when he is in town…I want to hang out with him! He has been traveling so much!

Next Up on the Blog: A Medieval Play + Spooner’s, Scenes From Our Weekend, Ryder is 8 months, & I’m practically caught up on my blog! Guys. It has taken me 8 months to catch up so basically since Ryder has been born. But it is possible!!! Now to stay caught up! ;)

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  1. So obviously I'm a little biased with my own two boys, but I just have to tell you I am so in love with your little ones adorableness. He's such a cutie!