April Happenings & That Time I Locked Ryder in the Car…


This posts consists of fun shenanigans from April 1-14 (minus a Utah trip from the 4-7th):

+ My mom and I ran errands one afternoon and hit up Super Target (stocked up majorly on baby food- pic above), Babies ‘r’ Us (got JaKie’s baby girl TaTem a Sophie the Giraffe), and Ulta. I have been trying to decide what shampoo/conditioner I wanted to try from now on because I decided Aveda is just too expensive. I have used their hair products ever since I can remember and absolutely love them but it is hard to get them on sale. Even when they are on sale, they aren’t that cheap at all ha. I got a really good deal at Ulta. I had a 20% off coupon and redeemed some points which saved me an additional $6 and the shampoo and conditioner I got were $10 cheaper than normal…basically it was awesome. I got some Joico hair products that I think I really like. I had tried Joico before and thought it was pretty good. I know there are other people who love getting good deals but I am sure it is probably pretty boring reading about them ha…so sorry.

+ When Kevin was out of town, for FHE, my family and I played Clue.  Ever since Easter, I couldn’t control myself and have been eating an insane amount of Easter candy…we all pounded Easter candy while playing Clue. It is always interesting playing family games haha. Some people are hardcore about the rules…cough…my mom. Also, my weight had gone below what I was before I was pregnant so I guess I felt it was okay to eat a lot of candy…now I think I need to watch what I eat again…bla.

+ Kevin went on a business trip in Orlando, Florida from March 30th to April 2nd.

+ I went to a Step Challenge class which is becoming my new thing at the gym. I love that the choreography is challenging and stimulates your brain while getting a workout. I just love learning choreography…guess it is the dancer in me :) Anyways, I am starting to go to that class every Tuesday morning and am meeting the regulars now haha. After my back starts to feel better after getting on medication for my AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis), I am hoping to always stay after for the ab class. Anyways, after the class I went to Wee Steps (Breastfeeding Support Group). By the way, Ryder isn’t having problems haha. Ever since I went there when he was having major nursing problems, I just kept going. There are a ton of people who go…sometimes even 30 moms! It is more of a social thing now and it is fun to weigh Ryder and see what he gains each week. Then I swung by the Nike outlets and returned some shorts and then hung out at home before Ryder’s swim lessons. Kevin came home from Florida that evening and then demanded he take me to Charming Charlie to pick out some jewelry. He was SO sweet! He was going to get me flowers for Easter but I was like, “Don’t…they will just die. You can get me something else if you want, like a necklace.” Haha. I wasn’t expecting anything. Anyways, he was so sweet. I had been in a lot of pain (& still was) and he was traveling a lot so maybe he felt bad for me…I got some good things that is for sure (watch, sunglasses, & 2 necklaces)! :)

+ I got an MRI for my low back/SI joints and wow, it was so painful! I can’t remember the last time I ever slept on my back because it hurts to lay on my back, so I don’t…and I had to lay flat on a hard surface for the MRI for TOO LONG! My joints and low back felt like they were on fire :’( The lady had to help me up off the table when it was done. Wow, it was bad. Anyways, they called me with the results right away and said I didn’t injure myself (like I was starting to think) but it was my disease and my spine and everything was inflamed, especially my right side. The right side was the side that hurt so bad that I had to limp... Anyways, more on this later.

+ My mom and I went to Utah for a surprise baby shower for my aunt JaKie. Will blog about this soon.

+ After getting back from UT, Kevin and I made time for a date night! Our date nights have been…nonexistent as of late, with him traveling so much and when he is home he has been remodeling our house…so it was fun to go on a date! My family watched Ryder while we saw The Host. So…the movie was…interesting. Has anyone seen it? If so, please tell me your thoughts! So I read the book and thought it was pretty interesting but wasn’t obsessed with it. Anyways, the part that I couldn’t get over was Melanie talking to Wanderer (I think)…like…just no. I found myself laughing at parts that were not supposed to be funny. Anyone, anyone else seen it? Haha! Poor Kevin…

+ The following day, after working out, Ryder and I surprised Kevin and dad at work with Chick-fil-a for lunch! Chick-fil-a is the closest, best, drive through to their work…and drive throughs are seriously the best with a baby. There is no way I am going to carry Ryder in when he is asleep and order food at a normal quick restaurant…(photo above of Ryder, Kevin, and I). I also convinced Kevin to go to Ryder’s swim lessons that evening so he could meet some of the girls I hang out with and their husbands (some of their husbands go sometime). He had fun!

+ Ryder got locked inside the car…let me explain lol. I sat down next to Ryder’s car seat with Ryder in my arms, as we were about to head out to meet my family at Noodles. I put him in his car seat, sat my diaper bag down next to him, annnd the car keys. I think I hit the lock button on the keys accidently. I then buckled him up, shut the door, and tried to open the driver door…but nope! He was locked in! My cell phone was also locked in! I didn’t have the spare as I was living at my parents and honestly haven’t had to use the spare…in years? Luckily, I was able to use my parent’s home phone, call Kevin…as he was in town AND at home early for work because he was selling our kitchen cabinets and appliances! Anyways, he drove over the spare ASAP while I was trying to entertain Ryder through the car windows. He was crying the whole time! Poor guy! Anyways, we ate at Noodles and Ryder tried Baby Mum Mum’s for the first time! They are like rice cakes that kind of disintegrate in their mouth. He tried the banana kind and loved them (photo above.) After Noodles, we all attended Hunter’s pack meeting as he got his Arrow of Light award…some big award for scouting haha.

+ My mom, Hunter, and I went to Smashburger after Ryder’s swim lessons and then brought Kevin some food home. He finished the floor and is currently in the process of putting in cabinets! We had a little set back because the measurements the IKEA guy did were off…and 2 cabinets don’t fit…so we are working on that. More on that later!

+  Last Friday, I went to my friend Mindy’s yoga class in the afternoon and then met up with my friend Amberley at Panera for dinner. I have known Amberley since I moved to Fort Collins when I was 8 years old! We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same church, clogged together (& won Nationals!), and now the crazy thing is we both have really bad auto-immune diseases! She has Rheumatoid Arthritis and I, Ankylosing Spondylitis. We might even become drug buddies because we both may go on Humira and have to give ourselves shots every 2 weeks…so crazy! Anyways, she met Ryder for the first time and it was fun to catch up! Amberley- we need to hang out more!

+ Last Saturday, I went to a more advanced yoga class my friend Mindy taught and it was pretty good. It didn’t feel as good on my joints though. Then I hit up Super Target (to get more meds) and Babies ‘r’ Us (got a wipeable bib finally!) and in the evening, Kevin and I had a double date with our friends James and Laura Neibaur! They are moving away to Idaho -  for 6 months - while they build a house in Johnstown! Then they will be back :) It was fun to hang out with them before they moved with their kiddos temporarily. We ate an amazing meal at Famous Dave’s and then hung out at my parent’s house and watched Skyfall. Ryder woke up maybe an hour after he went to bed so he got lucky and I got him out to hang out with us while watching the movie. He held Kevin’s hand (photo above) and was super snuggly. LOVE when he is snuggly.

+ This past Sunday was Fast Sunday and it was a good one. I bore my testimony…after I can’t even remember how long I hadn’t. So that was good. It was a really, really, good day! Fasting is the best. Also, as you can see…Ryder and I have fun in front of the mirror (photo above). Seriously though, he loves looking at himself in the mirror ha! And that purple bubble necklace is compliments of my husband!!!

So far, April has been good to us! Here is to more fun this month!

Next Up: My Disease: Living with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Home Remodel: Flooring, and a Surprise Baby Shower Utah Visit for my aunt JaKie!


  1. Oh my goodness I've totally locked Kyson in the car with my keys and cell phone... In the mall parking lot! Worst. Experience. Ever!! I can't even count how many bad looks I got that day!

  2. OMG Ryder is the sweet baby ever!! Each time I see him I can't believe how much he looks like both you AND your husband. Typically its either one or the other. Sweet family ever! :)

  3. ah ashley! i miss you. you and your baby look amazing as always.