Zach’s Birthday, Lunch with Friends, & PF Changs Birthday Dinner

My brother Zach, has his birthday on February 17th, two days before mine! I remember celebrating my 8th birthday in the hospital right after my mom had him. He was 6 weeks early which was pretty early! Anyways, it was Sunday so we went to church and then afterwards we went to my parents for his birthday celebrations. We ate a yummy dinner and hung out. Kevin and Ryder had fun and especially when Ryder was thrown in the air!


Zach isn’t big into cakes so we all had Mary’s Mountain Cookies! Oh my gosh. They are the best cookies. I had a snicker doodle one. Also- in case you were wondering, I had a bunch right after I had Ryder haha. My aunt JaKie wanted me to have some. She is so cute. Anyways, Zach had a good birthday! We got him an iTunes gift-card! Woohoo!

On Monday, the 18th, I met up with my friends Emily Vail and Lauren Herasimtschuk. I have been friends with them since attending Preston Junior High! Emily lives in Denver now so I don’t get to see her too much and Lauren just moved to New York City to work at Madewell. Anyways, we all ate brunch at IHOP (& I got a free meal for my birthday) and then afterwards we hit up Sephora (I got my free mascara/highlighter) and Super Target. Seriously, if you ever need anything to do, just check out Target. Love that store ;) I found Ryder these sunglasses but didn’t get them. I kind of want to get cuter ones…but really, whenever we go in the sun, you can tell it bothers his eyes! Got to get him some shades stat!


Also, Kevin left to Las Vegas this day and my dad was leaving the following day (19th) so my family (not Kevin) decided to celebrate my birthday this evening! I had been craving PF Changs so we all ate at the Loveland Centerra location. I love Asian food! It was a fun evening all eating Chinese together.


Right after dinner, my mom and I were going to watch The Bachelor together while I worked out on the elliptical. When I got home, they had some presents for me and an angel food cake! I wasn’t even expecting any of that! We partied too hard that we ran out of time to watch The Bachelor and workout!

Ryder was into yelling these days…he would just lay there and yell loudly haha. Here he is doing that! // And Hunter is such a great uncle to Ryder! He likes to hang out with him and gets a kick out of Ryder’s weird facial expressions and that he blows bubbles, etc.…


The cake! I loooove angel food cake!


It was a very enjoyable weekend celebrating my birthday with Kevin, my family, and Zach’s Birthday as well! Annnd…my birthday hadn’t even happened yet!

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