Utah Visit: Roll Up Café, Scheels, & Ryder’s 1st Jazz Game

First off, check out my first Utah post, Utah Visit: Outdoor Retailer Trade Show & Meeting up with Old Friends here.
January 26, 2013 (Saturday), Kevin met up with a friend who studied Entrepreneurship with him at BYU and they ate a very early breakfast at Kneaders. I was thinking about going with but it was just too early! So, I got ready and then once Kevin was done we hit up Cherry Lane Boutique! I love that boutique! I used to shop there all the time when I was at BYU. Anyways, I was going to get one thing just for fun – like a top - so I was looking around and trying things on. I tried on a cute shirt and then Kevin found a skirt to go with it and I ended up getting both. Great purchases for sure! I also love that Kevin picked the skirt out himself. Whenever we go shopping he is great at picking out clothes for me. Some of my favorite clothing pieces he picked out. He takes pride in that ;)
Afterwards, we met up with one of Kevin's good friends at Roll Up Café for lunch. If you have never been to Roll Up Café I highly recommend it! Kelsi, told me there were a few crepe places that people were really into while she was there – she is doing a study abroad in Portugal now – so I wanted to try one out! I don’t remember there being any crepe places that I was aware of while I was there…gosh, it has only been 2 years!

Kevin and the biggest jar of Nutella we have ever seen! As you can tell, they use a lot of Nutella there! Got to love a dessert crepe with Nutella inside!
One of our amazing crepes! Kevin and I got two crepes to share. We got a savory one with turkey, basil, tomato, and some other things inside I forget. Our dessert one consisted of strawberries, Nutella, and some more berries…I want to go back so bad! This reminds me, there is also an amazing French crepe place in downtown Fort Collins that I need to take Kevin to sometime soon!
I cannot believe how time goes so fast. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was heading off to college and now I am married, a BYU graduate, a homeowner, and have a son! I wish all of our ollege friends could just move to one location so we could all hang out. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Right after, we drove to Scheels. Scheels is basically a huge store that is a combination of Cabelas and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The reason we checked it out was that they sell Zephyr hats and Kevin wanted to check on their selection, etc. This was the first time I had ever stepped foot in Scheels and I am definitely obsessed with it. I love a good sporting goods store but this was above and beyond. I was so shocked they even had a section with designer jeans that are sold at Nordstrom?! There is definitely something for everyone! As you can see they had a ferris wheel inside the store. I really wanted to go on it but the line was too long and we couldn’t stay that long. They had a large aquarium, restaurants, and so much more inside! I loved it. I really wanted to go shopping for cute workout clothes.. Anyways, if you ever can, hit up Scheels! It is awesome. I am anxiously awaiting for them to put one in Colorado!
We then met up with our friends Brandon and Breanne Relf at Texas Roadhouse in Sandy. Kevin played BYU Baseball with Brandon and I hung out with Bre a lot when we all hung out as Baseball wives and watched our men play. We also worked out a lot at Gold’s Gym together. Anyways, Bre is pregnant with a boy so that is very exciting! I got steak, a loaded sweet potato, and some veggies…and Ryder pulled a glass of water onto me and it went ALL OVER my pants haha. I looked like I peed myself! It was fun to see them too!
Then we drove up to Salt Lake City to attend a Utah Jazz game, Ryder’s first NBA game!
I honestly don’t remember who they played haha but it was fun to go! Ryder did great overall. In the very beginning, before the game started, they had some motorcyclists come out and they revved their engines…Ryder was not a fan! It was actually really loud and he started crying. Poor guy!
We had a blast at the game and then made our way back down to Provo for the night. The following day, January 27 (Sunday), we drove back to Fort Collins.
Leaving Provo on University Avenue…brings back memories: I remember driving on this road all the time, especially my last year at BYU when I worked at the youth psychiatric treatment center (Heritage RTC). I drove on this road every time I went to work and I worked a ton my last year! I also remember watching Kevin and some ex-BYU Baseball players play on an intramural Football team on the fields in the right of the picture below. They kept getting penalties, etc. because they are so competitive and rowdy…good times!
It was such a great trip and I’m so glad it worked out. I love a good trip that springs itself on you! I’m so glad I was able to see some friends too. I need to come visit again! Peace out Provo! xoxo


  1. i was at that game! looks like you had a lot of fun :)

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