Utah Visit: Outdoor Retailer Trade Show & Meeting up with Old Friends

Kevin and I went on a little Utah trip between January 24-27, 2013. It was a very last minute trip because Kevin had just gotten back from a business trip in Las Vegas and had started looking into flights for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, Utah because he just heard about it. The prices were crazy high  (as it was a last minute decision) so he thought, “I guess I could drive to save money and Ash and Ryder could come with”…so we did! I’m glad it worked out because it was great to be back in Utah and to see a few old friends. I miss that place!

So we left, on January 24th, which was a Thursday. Ryder did great on the road trip. We just stopped to nurse him every few hours. Here we were stopped, probably in the middle of Wyoming, when he decided to try and drink some of my water! He kept trying to put his mouth on the straw so I finally decided to let him, he sucked, and was all surprised when water came up! So cute!


After a lovely trip through Wyoming and Utah’s Rocky Mountains, we made our way to Salt Lake City! We ate lunch (left CO at 4 am) at Siegfried’s Delicatessen – our favorite German restaurant in Utah! The tradeshow was very close to Siegfried's so it worked out great. I have always loved German food – my grandma is 100% German and makes amazing German food – so we were excited. I also got Kevin into German food! I ordered Spaetzle mit Goulash and a hard roll. Very German and and very good!


Since we had been up since 4 am, I didn’t have my makeup done and was in sweats haha. I did my makeup in their bathroom and changed in the car in the parking garage and we made our way out to the Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow. Before the Outdoor Retailer, I had only been to MAGIC which is the most popular fashion trade show in Las Vegas. It is incredible! If you haven’t been to a trade show, it is very hard to understand how cool they are! Anyways, the Outdoor Retailer is basically all brands that have products you can use outside; i.e.. snowboarding/skiing brands, yoga brands, water bottle brands, running shoes, ALL shoes, sunglasses, climbing gear (they had a climbing wall in there with famous climbers and authors), backpacks for backpacking, camping gear, hunting stuff, etc. Basically LOTS OF AMAZING brands! Most have amazing booths which is the hard part to explain…but everyone tries to be creative. There were bicycling and running mannequins for one brand hanging above you and Burton had a huge mountain in front of their booth with a ski lift moving above your heads. There are things hanging from the ceiling in some. They give away a lot of free stuff, which I got A TON of stickers for Zephyr’s sticker wall. Anyways, if you ever have a chance to go, I highly recommend it! OH, and the reason companies attend tradeshows are that buyers for stores attend and they hope they make orders/sales. We spent a good few hours there or so and then made our way back down to Provo to grab some dinner at Zupa’s and get to our hotel. Of course, I got their Nuts About Berries salad and Tomato Basil soup. I miss Zupa’s! Such a chick restaurant haha.


The next day, January 25 (Friday), we woke up early and got to the Outdoor Retailer. I was maybe going to stay back in Provo and hang out with friends but since the trip was so last minute so it didn’t work out with anyone’s work schedules (hello they are all out of college now and with jobs!) and plus, Kevin had the car. 

PS. This was the weekend that there had just been a crazy snow storm in Utah and in Provo there was an insane amount of ice everywhere! There are YouTube videos of students ICE SKATING, yes I said, ICE SKATING ON CAMPUS! Some guys had their ice skates ON (not just slipping and sliding on the ice) and were skating in front of the Marriott Center! Also, people were just flinging their backpacks across the parking lot since they would just glide haha. And everyone was slipping and falling. That would have been funny to attend BYU when it was like that…can’t believe it has been almost 2 years since I have graduated from BYU! Anyways, back to the tradeshow…

To the left is a chainsaw artist (for some shoe brand) and Kevin and I entered to win a creation haha. Didn't win…And here is cute Ryder ready for the show! Everyone kept going and gaahing over him lol. Are those words? There were a ton of beanie companies and headwear ones and they all loved his bomber hat!


Here are a few pictures of inside the Outdoor Retailer so you can get an idea of what it was like. Unfortunately, I just took random photos and not necessarily of the coolest booths. Oh, and I failed to mention all of the products at these shows are the new products for next Fall/Winter season, so you can see all the new stuff before it gets in the stores! Trust me, there is SOOOO much I want walking through these shows! Haha. I still really want to get some cute snow boots! Trust me, they had hundreds of options! Kevin walked around and met with random companies for work and I tagged along.


After the show ended, we made our way back to Provo to meet up with two of my friends for dinner at La Jolla Groves! Shayla Forsey was literally, my first friend at BYU. We were both in David John Hall, Freshman year, and I asked her to hang out once and we did and then from then on we always hung out and with a bunch more girls! Chantell Perry, I met sophomore year while living at King Henry and she was in our ward. She asked if she could sit at our table at a ward function and then we also, always hung out! I miss these girls! It was so fun for them to meet Ryder. Of course, he wasn’t in the BEST mood at the end haha. It was fun to catch up and hear how their lives are going now. I need to visit Utah more often!


Ryder, me, Shayla, Chantell


Afterwards, Shayla went off to hangout with some different people she already had plans with and Chantell, Kevin, and I went to Farr’s Fresh after a pit stop nursing session for Ryder at the hotel. We love Farr’s Fresh (frozen yogurt)! It was cool because right when we walked in, I saw a friend, Adam Tebbs, who my friends and I used to hang out all the time with Freshman and Sophomore year. I hadn’t seen him since he came off his mission so it had been years! I love running into old friends, especially when you are visiting and the chances are much lower! Anyways, it was SO foggy outside. You could barely see anything in front of you! It was at night and Chantell and I are just outside in the fog! Crazy huh?!


It was such a fun day! It was very, very busy so we were really tired. But, so fun! Next up, our last day in Utah :(

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