Stake Conference Weekend

February 1-3, 2013

This weekend was great. Friday, February 1st, I went to yoga at Core Power Yoga and then Kevin and I had FHE.  Also- Ryder had fun trying to sit on his own ;) And he is the cutest sleeper ever!


Saturday, February 2nd, Kevin and I ran errands. We hit up Lowe’s (to get more shelves to add a second level of shelves in our master walk-in closet), Target, Babies ‘r’ Us, and Sally Beauty Supply. Kevin worked on the shelving for a bit after and then we went to the adult session of Stake Conference. Honestly, adding another shelf in our closet was such a great decision. I love getting organized! I really want to organize our garage and basement sometime soon haha. I also love buying big tubs to organize things in and I label them. Good times ;)

Sunday, February 3rd, we went to Stake Conference. I wore my new outfit Kevin picked out in Utah at Cherry Boutique! Love it. Everyone needs a mustard colored pencil skirt! Also- guys, Ryder is getting huge, like he is looking so much older! Right?


We sat by my mom, Zach, and Hunter. Hunter had fun taking care of Ryder and Kevin was the lucky one to walk Ryder around while he was getting loud and crazy. Lately, he has been really loud in church. He isn’t necessarily crying or anything but he is just LOUD. I’m sure people not sitting very close to us aren’t bothered but I swear it must be hard to listen with him making noises haha. Anyways, I guess it is a mom thing…worrying about how loud your baby is!


After stake conference, Zach and Hunter came over to watch the Super Bowl. I couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl haha. Hunter convinced me to play Twister with him and it was actually pretty hilarious. This was probably the first year in…4 years that we didn’t host a Super Bowl party! We had one when we lived at The Branbury in Provo, at Oakhurst in Provo, at Glenda’s (GHETTO HOUSE we lived in in Orem), and last year in our current house…so yes! Wow! That is crazy, we didn’t have one! Honestly, I didn’t even realize until the day before that the Super Bowl was that Sunday haha. Oh well. Whelp, it was a good weekend filled with organization, church, football, and family!

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