Ryder at 6 Months


Ryder turned 6 months old on March 3, 2013!  I can’t believe Ryder is already half a year old! I know everyone says it, but really, kids grow so fast. Think about it, how have adults really changed over the recent years? Not by much, maybe gained or lost some weight, got a new hairstyle, but really…nothing too crazy. But babies do so much growing! Within the last few months, Ryder has learned to roll over (front to back at 12 weeks old), babble noises like “Bla” while blowing bubbles and “Da…da…da” and “Ra ra ra raaa”, sit up with support, stand forever while holding our hands, move objects from hand to hand, focus and try to grab little objects, has learned to enjoy tummy time, has started eating solid foods which he loves, sleeps on average 11 hours a night, and so much more! Really, Ryder is overall, a very happy baby. I do feel like over the last few weeks he has gotten a little needier. When he was younger, if I left the room, he didn’t notice or seem to care. Now, sometimes he will fuss or cry if I leave the room or don’t give him as much attention. So I do feel like he is getting needier…which also leads into teething. He has had teething symptoms for months but there are no signs of teeth coming through! I know they can drool and chew on anything and everything in sight months before teeth come so who knows when those little guys will make their appearance! But he has been doing that for months now. Also, every once in awhile – like 1x a week? – he will wake in the middle of the night crying wanting to eat. Whenever he does, I am always confused because it is so rare and it just started so maybe it is because of teething? Haha. I’m not too worried about that though. Anyways, Ryder is an awesome guy and we love him to death!!! I should have probably written this post closer to when he was 6 months old because some stuff (above) has changed. Oh well, 7 months is coming up and I will do better then!

We went to his 6 month appointment on Tuesday, March 5th. He is doing great all around!

His stats are: 17 lbs. 12 oz. (50% percentile- although I weighed him the same day on a diff. scale and he was 17 lbs. 4 oz…scale differences? Lol?), 27 inches tall (75% percentile), and 44 cm head circumference (50%).

About the appointment: He still has a teeny bit of cradle cap on his head but the pediatrician isn’t concerned and says it is super mild. We are just leaving it be for now. It seems when we try to mess with it, his scalp gets red and worse. He also still has mild eczema so we are now doing Hydrocortisone cream for the eczema patches which seems to be helping. One funny thing was that he hadn’t rolled from his back to stomach. He first rolled from his stomach to back at 12 weeks old and usually after they do that, they will roll the other way within a month. Whelp, he did last night for the first time! The pediatrician said to help him roll from his back to stomach and said he would probably roll within a month and he did! She said he was doing much harder things than that so he was strong enough, but he just didn’t want to ha. Oh, and I always ask about where the vacuum was – in labor/delivery – because you can tell where it was on his scalp. There is kind of an area that seems to be a little bald but what we can see it seems that some little hairs are growing so hopefully it will grown in nicely. The pediatrician did mention that they will check it every visit and if for some reason it doesn’t grow in, down the road, they can refer us to a dermatologist. I guess there is a surgery you can do where they cut that piece of skin out and pull the surrounding skin over, if that makes sense. It would be a purely cosmetic surgery. Hopefully it’ll just grow in over time :) I think that is probably most of everything I can remember about the visit and what he has been doing. At the end he got shots and it was so sad, as you can see from the pictures above! He kills me with his sad face!

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