Let’s be real. I think most parents take a ton of pictures of their kids, especially when everyone has phones with cameras on them. I have a problem with it. I take thousands of photos a month and it is really hard not to share them here, and this is my blog so I do what I want, and someday it will be a book (whenever I get around to printing it), so here they are :) Also, my photos are out of control in my computer/external hard drive so I am just starting to work on organizing them by ‘Year’ and ‘Month’. I used to do by ‘Category’ or ‘Event’ and that is just not a good idea anymore. Every other week I get a notification on my iPhone saying I can’t take anymore photos because I have run out of space…and then I go and delete a bunch of apps so that is annoying. ANYWAYS, I’m so proud I finally finished blogging for last year, 2012! Yay! Now I got to catch up on January and February. It will definitely be easier than blogging about Brazil though, so that is good. I feel like whenever I go on huge trips it is very overwhelming and hard to get started on it. Here is what we were up to in early January (4th-9th, 2013), before we took a trip to Utah. And yes, you will see a lot of Ryder…so get used to it ;) or don’t read, haha.

For Christmas, we got Ryder an exersaucer. This was the first time he was really in it and he just loves it! It is definitely a great toy to have! He is in it every day!


Just like daddy.


Right after we got back from Brazil, Ryder was a little fussier than normal and would randomly scream haha. It happened for a few days and was weird. He is usually the most laid back baby ever so it was weird he screamed/cried…anyways, it happened at church so I just hung out in the mother’s lounge for awhile haha. Anyways, I think he was fussier from all the travel, time changes, and just getting back into the normal schedule. Also, he started drooling and eating his hands like crazy, so maybe some early teething symptoms! You never know until a tooth pops up! Also- we just love his stuffed animal, Billy the goat. Thanks mom and dad!


This face just kills me. Hunter and my mom came over one evening, and we had fun taking photos and videos of Ryder in his exersaucer haha. I love Ryder’s focus and concentration trying to get certain toys. The best.


Also, right when we got back from Brazil I realized Ryder was really starting to notice Katinka more. Developmentally, something changed and he is way more observant at 4 months! He would watch her and his eyes would follow her wherever she went. He also started to grab for her. When we get her to run laps - she is super hyper so it is pretty easy to get her to - sometimes he will just laugh hysterically. That is also the best.


And you got to love The Bachelor with Sean! ;) I can’t believe how many seasons I have watched of The Bachelor. I remember watching some of Ryan and Trista’s season when I was in high school living at home. I don’t really remember watching it much in the early years at BYU but then at the end Kevin and I were even throwing our own Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. We would cram our apartment with tons of people and food – so fun! Maybe we will start doing that here some season if we find more people who watch it!


Yes, more in this exersaucer and…my favorite little guy!


Also what went down: Kevin went to Indianapolis for a business trip. Meanwhile, I hung out with my mom and Zach and ate dinner at Panera once. Love that place. I went to group (breastfeeding support group) and went to QDoba with my friend Bekah Wilkey and her baby Carmen. It was her first time eating there. That is crazy! Love that place :) I used to eat there 2-3 times a week in high school haha. I was obsessed. My obsession has definitely calmed down and I just eat it randomly. Oh, and my visiting teachers came over. I guess that is about it :)

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