PF Changs with the Lenski’s, a Mounted Animal Menagerie, & More


This post consists of March 4-10, 2013. Here is a little bit of what went down:

// It snowed, a lot, which was good because we haven’t had as much snow as usual and we need more moisture. Our Stake even had a stake-wide fast for more moisture. // My mom and I met up with my cousin Brittany Lenski and her husband Greg at PF Changs. Every time Brittany is in town we meet at PF. Changs. I think that was the 3rd time we have met up there over the past 2 years! It is always a good time :) And we got to meet her husband finally! He is awesome. Also, she is pregnant with a little lady and the next time I will see her, she will have her little girl! So exciting! // Sometimes I let Ryder play with my iPhone to calm him down or distract him while I am busy…and I got on Twitter and realized he had tweeted! My little social media man haha! PS. What is your Twitter name? I’m @Ashley_Katinka ! // Ryder got to try out his sippy cup. He likes to play with it! // My friend Bekah and I hit up Michael’s and Home Depot to get supplies to make a mounted animal menagerie piece of art for our babies room. All you need is plastic animals (to cut in half), something to cut the animals in a half (little hand saw), spray paint (we got some Rustolium from Home Depot in gold), a frame (I got the Ribba frame from Ikea), and a hot glue gun to glue the animals to the frame (I glued it to a piece of thick paper, not glass). Ryder had fun hanging out with Bekah’s baby Carmen! I LOVED how they turned out! This was probably the most successful craft I have done. // I signed up for a gym membership!!! I went in during the evening after Ryder got his shots…and he wasn’t happy while I signed a contract haha. Poor guy! But joining a gym has been the best thing ever, minus 2 days this week when I literally couldn’t walk/workout :/ …I had gone 5-6 times a week  - before this week - when I only went 4 times… will blog about my disease soon. It is kind of impossible to workout when you can’t even walk… // We realized that we hadn’t gotten the Jeep and Mazda’s oil changed since before Ryder was born so I spent an afternoon at Walmart getting groceries while the Jeep was getting it’s oil changed. It is pretty convenient to get your oil changed there while shopping! I then made a strawberry salad (with almonds, mandarin oranges, and spinach) for a dinner date Kevin and I attended at our friends, Jared and Lori Croft (& their cute kiddos). Ryder went in a Jumperoo for the first time at their house! It was cute! We then played games afterwards. It was a fun evening! // Ryder went to his 6 month appointment and got shots here.  // Kevin and I finally dove in and purchased our kitchen appliances! They will be delivered in a little over a month so hopefully our renovation will be done then :)  // Ryder and I spent an evening at my friend Laura Neibaur’s house. We ate some take out Chili House Chinese food and hung out while I attempted a craft that didn’t go too well haha. // Kevin and I hit up a few places looking for backsplash but I think we found the best price at Home Depot or Lowe’s. That is the last thing we have to purchase. // We went to IKEA which will be its own post… // And we had a lovely dinner at my parents on the Sabbath.

Happy early Easter!


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