Our Valentine’s Day: 2013

For Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013, Kevin and I decided to go on a lunch date instead of a dinner date. Kevin wanted to use a gift card I got him for Snooze for Christmas. I have been obsessing over Snooze…since I moved back here about 2 years ago and still love it. Snooze is an amazing breakfast/brunch restaurant in old town. Anyways, the day was started by Kevin going off to work and me taking care of Ry-man. I know kids these days want cell phones early – and many even have their own iPads and baby tablets – but man…I didn’t know Ryder would be so obsessed with my phone at only a few months! He loves to look at himself with the camera and if he is ever fussy and you give him my phone, he calms down. Too early I tell you!!! Anyways, got to love a few shots of Ryder (that looks like he took them himself ;)) I did when he was holding it haha.


I’m guessing he got pee or poop on his clothes…since looking back in my photos he changed outfits this day haha. So, Kevin and I met at Snooze for brunch…and these are the best photos I got haha. Kevin is not a fan of smiling for pictures sometimes…ugh haha. But here is my date!


We each got an entrée and for fun we got a trio of pancakes to split because they have such fun pancakes! We tried: Pear Pancake, Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, and their Sweet Potato Pancake! They were delicious. The entrees at Snooze are very unexpected but amazing. I have NEVER gotten a bad meal, ever! I got their Sandwich I Am which is basically a pretzel roll with egg and sausage. Ahhh now I want to go back!


My other date!


We had a lovely lunch and Kevin left to go back to work. Spotted! (I pulled up right next to him at a stop light.)IMG_8932

After lunch, I attempted to do yoga at home. I just can’t workout at home. There are too many distractions and if Ryder makes a peep I get distracted! Sooo, that didn’t go too well! Then I started making some Italian food. After Kevin came home from work, he helped me finish making an Italian meal. We had pasta with a yummy meat sauce. Kevin makes the best meat sauces because he learned from the best! He served his mission in Italy so he really does know how to cook Italian…can’t complain! It was great. Then we watched The Office and I got Ryder ready for bed. Ryder got his first Valentine’s Day gift…he got the cutest book where you can touch and feel different textures. He got it from my parents. The book is called B is for Bear.


Kevin and I had decided during an FHE earlier in the year that we needed to have a calendar in our home so we could both write on it and know what was going down that day and when we were doing date night and FHE, etc. SO, I was like “No problem, I’ll find a good one!” And I did. We decided to get the whiteboard calendar (below) and same with the magazine/mail holder (middle left) and key hook thing (middle right) for our wall in our kitchen. We don’t have a desk or anywhere to put mail or pay bills so hopefully this will help out. We decided to not do gifts but to get the home décor from Pottery Barn. I’m excited to hang these up once our main level remodel is finished! (We start this weekend…wish us luck!)


Annnd…of course Kevin still got me roses, chocolates, and a card even though I said '”No gifts!” Such a sweetheart. I wrote him a letter haha. Overall, it was a great Valentine’s Day with my two dates, Kevin and Ryder!

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