My 25th Birthday with My Boys

My birthday was on February 19th and I turned 25! I wished I turned 24 years old again. I feel young but very old for being 25…so bittersweet. I’m not sure if that makes sense. Like I feel young, like not a mom with a ton of kids (just one), but then I realize I am 25 and that is a lot of years old… Anyways, each year there is the huge MAGIC Trade Show on my birthday in Las Vegas, so Kevin was in Vegas from the 18-20th for work. We celebrated my birthday early before he left. Then I celebrated with my family a couple days later so it turned into a weekend/week of birthday celebrations! It actually wasn’t too bad ;) Anyways, one of the things we usually do for birthdays around these parts is use a ton of birthday freebies from restaurants/companies! I got free highlighter and mascara from Sephora, a free surprise from Panera (a pastry), free IHOP meal, and a free cheeseburger from Red Robin. I also attempted to get free Noodles but I couldn’t find my email and they couldn’t look me up in their system :(

Friday, February 15th, after Kevin got off work, he watched Ryder while I went to Body Combat (kickboxing) at Raintree Athletic Club. Look at these two!IMG_9003

After I finished working out, we hit up Red Robin for my free cheeseburger! We attempted to put Ryder in a highchair but he was too slippery and not strong enough to sit for too long! It felt weird eating there because they completely remodeled the whole restaurant and it felt like such a different restaurant! My family ate there a ton growing up so it wasn’t the same experience! They are doing a test to see how people like the different style Red Robins…so weird haha. Keep Calm and Carry Out!


The next day, Saturday, February 16th, my friend Bekah and I went to workout and tried our first Barre class! I had been hearing about Barre recently and had been dying to try it! It is a Pilates/Ballet type class  where you use a ballet bar for part of it! You use weights and do exercises on the mats and wow…it was SO hard! Seriously, if you did Barre consistently I bet you would get very toned! It was a very hard workout and I loved it! I especially loved it because it was related to dance and had ballet and dance inspired moves.

My birthday celebration was going to be a date night with my men! I decided to eat at Café Rio – big surprise – and then use a birthday coupon for a BOGO at Coldstone Creamery. Honestly, that night was probably my worst experience at Café Rio…ever haha. Kevin waited in line FOREVER while I watched Ryder at a table. I chose a table in a corner so we could have a nice conversation and lo and behold came two little hooligans (boys) to save a table for a huge family. (Okay I hope this doesn’t sound mean but it was hard not to be annoyed lol.) They were OUT OF CONTROL! Their family left them there and they were really young. They were wrestling on the nasty floor in Café Rio droppings, punching each other, pulling on each other’s sweatshirts, and they even got their heads stuck in the back of their chairs…so I sat next to them forever while Kevin wasn’t there. I tried to ignore them but they were ALWAYS there in the corner of my eye lol. It was not very relaxing…anyways. I bet you are thinking “Oh your kids will do the same someday!” And…maybe they will but, I don’t think I will leave two LITTLE boys at a table far away while I order food to save seats…and if they were rolling around on the restaurant floor, I hope I would run over and get them…ehhh I don’t even know. But, it was annoying haha. I am usually not annoyed like that but I wanted a nice dinner and it was a hooligan party. After Café Rio, I wanted to rent a movie and of course I picked a boring one, called The Words. Anyone seen it? Bradley Cooper was in it so you would think it would be great but it was a little boring. Kevin liked it though! Then we ate some ice-cream at Coldstone Creamery and they didn’t let me use my birthday freebie (it was on my phone). I didn’t print it out because my printer was having issues…anyways, our ice-cream was good nonetheless!

My two dates!


All in all, it was a good early birthday!

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