Mid January Happenings Part 2/2

Here is a little of what went down January 19 – 31, 2013, minus a Utah trip which I will blog about next. But first, see Mid January Happenings Part 1/2 here.

// My friend Bekah and I ran errands with our babies, Ryder and Carmen. We hit up Best Buy and Super Target! They were champs until the end when they were both hungry haha.


// Ryder and I went to my parents’ ward because it is a couple hours later than my ward and Kevin was out of town ;) Our ward is at 8am and my parents is at 10am…haha. I decided Ryder and I would both wear black and white. I love coordinating outfits for him and I haha!


// Before Kelsi left for her study abroad in Portugal, my mom, brothers, and I went to Silver Grill Café downtown Fort Collins. It is one of my new favorite places for brunch! They are famous for their cinnamon rolls and cinnamon roll French toast! I ordered the French toast (below) and I am dying to go back! I need to take Kevin there sometime! It is delicious! I highly recommend it. Later that day, Kelsi and I went to NaNet’s Nia class at Miramont North. Anyone done Nia? Lol. My aunt teaches it here! Then we all ate dinner at my parents.


// Ryder practiced his tummy time with Katinka.


// My mom watched Ryder while I worked out…many, many times! // PS. I wish Ryder would fall asleep on me more like this!


// Hunter got 2nd place in his elementary school (Werner Elementary) spelling bee! We were very proud of him but he was super bummed he didn’t get 1st place! My brother, Patrick, got 1st place when he went to Werner. Anyways, we are proud of him. I, personally, never placed to do the spelling bee but I can spell pretty well…Kevin on the other hand…haha. He always is asking me how to spell things! We give him a hard time about it….like he is really bad. ;)


// Ryder and I had fun packing for our Utah trip…not. I HATE packing. It is the worst thing about traveling!!! Anyways, I just love the picture on the left. // Ryder and I hanging out at my parents.


// I went to a craft group with A TON of moms and their little babies…we ended up talking and not even getting to our craft – tree topiaries – haha sooo…Anyways, here is a picture of some of the last babies there. There were a bunch more but people had to leave because kids had to do naps and eat, etc. Ryder wasn’t very happy here because he was in the middle of eating when we took this picture lol. He was crying for most of the pictures. It was hilarious.


// Sleepy Ryder. Love that little face. // Ryder and I before going to group.


// Other: Kevin was in Las Vegas on business, for the Tailgate tradeshow between the 16-20. // Katinka went to the vet for a comprehensive exam and is doing well! We can actually up her food a little bit more so she is loving that haha. She had lost almost a pound haha. It is funny how little, small dogs eat! But she is good. // I kept working out and did anything and everything from Zumba, Nia, Centergy (yoga/Pilates flow type class), TurboKick (my FAV!), and Yoga (heated and not-heated.) // My mom and I hit up Café Rio…it is a pretty common occurrence over here! // And…that is about it for January! I will post about the Utah trip and then move on to February! Guys, I seriously think I will catch up. #actuallyimpressed

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