Mid January Happenings Part 1/2

Here is a little of what went down from January 10-19, 2013:

// I became obsessed with the TV show, Pretty Little Liars. I had watched some random episodes on Comcast’s On Demand over the past months but had no clue what was going on…I wish I had just started the show from the beginning! Anyways, we got Netflix so I was able to watch the first 2 seasons which was great but now I can’t find any of the first episodes of the third and current season anywhere to watch! I also got into Revenge which I LOVE! I did a Hulu Plus free trial to watch the second season of that show and now I am all caught up. I just need to catch up on PLL! Anyone know where to watch the beginning episodes of this season?! Seriously, whenever I nursed Ryder, I would watch it on the iPad and it got really addicting. After the episodes ended – in between nursing sessions – I would just think about the show haha. Have you ever watched that much TV that you thought about it afterwards a lot, like I thought about Spencer and all the girls and Mona hahaha.


// Ryder had fun in his exersaucer. // Also, he had fun trying to pet Katinka!


// Ryder thought it was hilarious that he fell over in the chair.


// My family and I got Café Rio (Kevin was out of town) and of course I had their amazing Pork Barbecoa salad. Basically I love their sweet pork and the salad is pretty good too! After leaving Café Rio, we headed off to Hunter’s Pinewood Derby at my parents’ ward (Fossil Creek Ward). Hunter broke the track record and won first place! He also won it last year and I think possibly the previous. Whenever Ryder gets into scouting in our church (I know, a long time still ;)), I hope my dad can help him make his car! My dad has learned all the tricks and they always win! I think it has to drive all the other kids crazy lol. No one can ever beat him! My dad has good practice building them though since he helped Patrick and Zach before Hunter.


// I about died over his cuteness.


// I went to my parents and the lake behind was magical so I took this photo. I love winter photos!


// I love his big brown eyes!


// I took Ryder and Katinka on a walk because I thought it was warm outside…whelp, it was January, and it ended up not being that warm haha. Anytime it isn’t freezing I feel like it is warm in Colorado haha.


// Ryder is still obsessed with his binky and I am totally fine with that. // Ryder loved eating some more rice cereal. He had his first attempt here. I love his cute mouth wanting to eat more!


// Family Pizza Night: One Friday night, Kevin and I went to my parents and we all made homemade pizza. Kevin made ours while I fed Ryder and it turned out great! Sometime I want to get a pizza stone!  We all then watched the movie, Rio, since Kelsi served her mission in Brazil!

// Date Day: Kevin and I went on a date and saw the movie, The Hobbit. I chose to see it and I don’t know why haha. I remember reading some of The Lord of the Rings books growing up and seeing the movies and thought it was similar, which it was, but I don’t know, haha. It was funny. I also didn’t know that the movie was only half the book! Anyways, that was Ryder’s second movie he saw in theatres! He did great. After we saw the movie, we went shopping at Polo Ralph Lauren and got Kevin some work clothes and then ate a good dinner at Mimi’s Café! I just LOVE their appetizer breads and muffins, oh my gosh! They are great.

// Working Out: I finally started working out since having Ryder, like going to a gym! I started doing A TON of free trials at local gyms here because I was going to pick one and sign a contract or whatever and also, hey, you can workout for like a couple of months for free if you just try them out! I tried a 3 day trial at 24 Hour Fitness, 7 day trial at Core Power Yoga (LOVE hot yoga), 5 day trial at Miramont Sports Center (where I am going to workout at), and a 6 day trial at Raintree Village. It has been great getting back into working out! I pretty much weigh what I weighed before I got pregnant – give or take a few lbs? – so now I just need to get stronger and more toned. I say I am about the same weight but I have no clue because every time I weigh myself I fluctuate, which I know is normal, but then how do you know what you really weigh? Haha. Now, I am starting to get below what I thought I weighed before so who knows! I am trying to make working out a part of my daily life – which it really usually has been – but not just to be active but to help with my autoimmune disease. The more active you are when you have Ankylosing Spondylitis, the better your pain can be managed and the better off you seem to do. I’ve heard that from my rheumatologist and read it online. It is very important to stay flexible and move as much as you can to keep your spine mobile. Anyways, whenever I think about my disease I get pissed off so I’m stopping here!

// Portugal: Kelsi left the US and is currently studying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. She is in the Marriott School of Business currently and BYU has a program where she can take classes at a school in Lisbon and get credit for some classes. We went to lunch at Fiona’s (with mom) and then did Zumba together at Miramont. We won’t see her until the middle of summer! So crazy.

// Random: Kevin and I watch The Bachelor each week and he makes very interesting comments. He also really likes Sean haha. It makes the show great. We can’t wait for the finale! My companion Katie and I went visiting teaching – we did good this month haha. Kevin went to Las Vegas for a tradeshow – The Tailgate show. I had yummy Hawaiian food with my family. Basically I hang out with them a lot when Kevin is out of town. And that is about it. Not a bad week! :)

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  1. I love pll and just watched season 1 of revenge on netflix and loved it! You also definitely need to get a pizza stone, one of my favorite kitchen items!