Like Father, Like Son


Kathy, Kevin’s mom, found this shirt ‘Scout Jr.’, and gave it to us when they came to visit before Ryder was born. Ryder decided to be stubborn and stay in my womb for an extra week so really, they should have given it to us after he was born ;) Ah, every time I remember when I was pregnant, I’m like “Dang, I’m glad I’m not pregnant anymore!” But then I see some super stylish, cute, pregnant girls and I’m like, “Okay maybe it isn’t that bad…” But I had to be pregnant for 41 weeks – I think that is like a month too many haha! Anyways, enough of that tangent. So Kathy brought this shirt for Ryder to wear and the cute story behind it…Kevin used to wear it! How cute is that! Anyways, I think it is very cute and it fit, so I dressed him in it and surprised Kevin! Kevin loved it!

Do you have any baby clothes that your baby/kid wears that you or your husband used to wear? I don’t know if my mom saved any of my baby clothes but maybe I should look into that! That would be so fun.

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