Kansas City CAMEX Trip

Each year, Kevin attends the CAMEX Trade Show (Campus Market Tradeshow). It isn’t always in the same city though. This year CAMEX was held at the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Kevin’s family is from there so while Kevin was working all week/end, we decided for Ryder and I to come and hang out with his side of the fam! We were supposed to fly out February 21st but there was a blizzard in KC so the flights were cancelled. We ended up flying out February 22nd late at night. We were in KC from February 22-27, 2013.

Ryder did great flying again! See my tips for flying with a baby here. We flew out Friday, February 22nd, 2013. We had an evening flight and got there decently early so we actually ate at a restaurant at the airport! I hadn’t ever done that before haha. Ryder was sleeping in the ErgoBaby Carrier but I transitioned him to a padded bench. Don’t worry- I watched him like a hawk so he wouldn’t roll over off the bench! This was his 9th airplane ride at 5 months old! I love this picture of Kevin and Ryder!


We got in very late and just went straight to bed!

Saturday, February 23rd, we went to my nephew Zach Painter’s baptism! It was great that we got to be there for that great occasion! We are so proud of him for choosing to be baptized! Unfortunately I didn’t get barely any photos from this trip because my iPhone ran out of space and I was in the process of taking photos off of it and organizing them on my computer. Long story short, I literally didn’t have any space on my iPhone and I am still working on organizing photos and taking them off! I just need a day or two solid to complete it haha, no distractions. Afterwards, we went to their home for a big celebratory lunch. They had yummy soups, salads, and breads! Kevin then went off to CAMEX to set up their booth while I hung with the family.  Kathy, Ryder, and I hit up Zona Rosa and went shopping at The Children’s Place and got ice-cream at Coldstone Creamery! Solid day!

Sunday, February 24th, we went to church. Below is Ryder just loving the church services laying on a blanket on the floor ;) Also, Kathy had fun feeding Ryder rice cereal!


My in-laws were so sweet and got me my own personal 5 inch red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for a belated birthday present! Soooo sweet! This cake was amazing too! I slowly ate it over my trip to KC. :) I highly recommend 3 Women and An Oven if you are looking to get a cake or cupcake in the KC area. So delicious!


Then a bunch of family came over to celebrate Kathy’s birthday! Below is Lily and Ryder. Lily was so cute with Ryder! Such a great cousin to him! And a snowy photo below! It was snowing nonstop while we were there!


Monday, February 25th, Kathy, Ryder, and I woke up early and made our way to the Kansas City Convention Center to say hi to Kevin and my dad and everyone working the CAMEX show! As soon as we get there, Kevin brings us badges so we can get past security and while trying to get on the escalator (up the next level to the show) a security guard is like “Ma'am, you can’t bring a baby up there.” I thought it was a joke. Like seriously? But she kept saying it and I was like “Wait are you serious?!” And YES she was serious! Ryder had been to the Outdoor Retailer Show in SLC a month prior so this wasn’t his first tradeshow! I also saw a few other babies at that show. Whelp, apparently for the CAMEX show, kids/babies are a no go! So we start walking down a hall to see if we can go up a different escalator and different entrance…and it was so awkward. Like everyone knew we were walking there. A lady was right there waiting for us and told us, no, you can’t bring your baby up! Ryder was just asleep in the ErgoBaby! Like what would he even do?! I understand if he was walking and maybe there were some dangerous booths but compared to other tradeshows this one isn’t as extravagant. So Kathy watched Ryder, while I went up and said hey to everyone at the Zephyr booth and then came down so Kathy could go up (& I watch Ryder). I was talking to this employee and he was like “Yeah, it is lame how you can’t bring a baby up!” I’m like “Yeah, he has already been to a tradeshow before…I thought it was a joke when they said he couldn’t go up there…It would be nice if we would have known they can’t go up beforehand…etc.” He totally agreed with me and said he thinks it is something that is put into place by the building owner or something, but that kids were allowed up to go to car shows. Long story short, he said that all the employees knew to look out for me because I had a baby and was trying to get in the show, haha! They radioed about it to everyone! Then I started feeding Ryder and I guess that employee I talked to must have done something because over another employee’s radio I heard someone say “Babies and children are allowed in.” The lady then told me I could go up because they wanted everyone to have a chance to check out the show (because a snow storm was coming or…the rule is lame!)…That was the weirdest thing ever! I still am shocked they wouldn’t allow him because he was asleep on me, not some mobile out of control toddler.

Me and some of the booth…Basically this show is for buyers of school bookstores, college licensing directors, etc., so everything/product has collegiate logos on them.


After Kathy and I hung out at the booth, we walked around checking out other booths and getting free samples and such (free Burt’s Bees, yes!) Then we ate some Quizno’s which I LOVE! I can’t remember the last time I ate there. We then went to the Plaza in downtown KC and hit up H&M, Barnes & Noble, and Lululemon. Gosh, I really need to start getting some workout clothes from Lululemon! I just need to save up or get some stuff on sale. But basically, I freaked out when I walked in there. Love their stuff. Then Kathy and I got some yummy chocolates at an amazing chocolate shop and we went to a very cool kitchen type store boutique. Man, remind me whenever I need to get a new whisk or kitchen towels to not go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond but to hit up a boutique! They have such cooler stuff! Love it. Then we went back home and then back out to meet up with Kevin, my dad, and my uncle Mike for dinner at The Marriott’s fancy schmancy restaurant. My dad had the most amazing steak and I remember I got yummy pork. Ryder also tried his first veggies solids (carrots) at the restaurant! He didn’t care that much about them ha. Oh, and he had a BYU bib and we ran into the BYU Bookstore buyer at the hotel so I had to show it to him, hehe.


Tuesday, February 26th, we woke up to a ton of snow! We made our way to Lenexa, Kansas because Greg had to do some work and he works in Lenexa. Kathy and I were going to go to Oak Park Mall but it was closed because of the snow! We then spent our afternoon at a Super Target. Seriously, I love Target so it was no big deal ha. Kathy got us a cute ‘Spring’ pennant banner! Love it!


It was a chambray kind of day for Ryder and I. I love matching him! I try to coordinate our outfits for church sometimes. Fun stuff :)


Then Anna came over for a bit to hang out (she had just gotten back from a tropical vacation so this was the first we saw her this trip) and Ryder had a blow out which got on her nose haha. She was like wondering what the smell was and smelled his bum, not realizing she was putting her nose into some poop! Kathy and Anna helped bathe him in the sink while I got him clothes, etc.. Got to love a clean baby in camouflage (bottom right).


After Kevin finished packing up the Zephyr booth at CAMEX he came over and spent the night with us. We caught an early flight Wednesday, February 27th. Ryder did great! 10th flight down in under 6 months!


Bose airplane fun :) And…Ryder and I were SO tired we – I guess I, as he was already sleeping - could have fallen asleep like this while waiting for our baggage to arrive!


And we picked up Miss Katinkles from the kennel and Ryder was happy!IMG_9275

Got to love a good KC trip!

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