February Fun

February 4-13, 2013:

February was pretty good to us. // Once, while I was putting laundry away, Ryder watched some kid show on the iPad and passed out. Don’t worry- I don’t leave him on the La-Z-Boy like this all the time, I just did when he was tired and I was in the room at the same time. He just sat there watching some show that was hilarious; I forget what it is called. Such a cutie! Also, I don’t really like him watching TV but sometimes you just got to get some stuff done! I know, horrible!


My cutie.


// One time I was working out and my mom watched Ryder. Then afterwards she showed me a picture of Ryder in this contraption. At first I asked her, “Is this vintage?!” because she kept their last high chair, big swing, portable swing, and pack ‘n’ play from when they had Hunter for their future grandkids…now Ryder gets to use it all which is AWESOME for when we come over. Seriously. Anyways, it wasn’t vintage, which is what I call her old stuff but she bought this jumper/exersaucer thing for him and future grandkids! He LOVES it!


Here he is another time when I came over that week. Such a fan.IMG_8817

// I FINALLY got into my new rheumatologist because someone had a cancellation. I was going to have to wait until mid-March (actually this week) to see a rheumatologist for my auto-immune disease. I was so lucky to get in! I was getting SO DESPERATE. I want to blog about this disease but the more I think about it, I get pissed off. I hate remembering I have the disease and when I am reminded – everyday- it puts me in a bad mood. So I feel like if I blogged about it right now, it would just put me in a bad mood. I could really write a novel about it but all in all, I got in and finally got some meds that are working for now…decently, but not perfectly. What I need is an anti-inflammatory because basically my spine gets inflammed when I am immobile for too long (sleeping) and sometimes I wake up unable to lay down (any position) because of intense pain and sometimes it hurts to breathe because it can affect the ribs. Long story short, the anti-inflammatory aren’t the best while breastfeeding (already tried Advil but didn’t help) so they are giving me Vicadin for the pain so I can hopefully sleep through the night. Once you are up for the day, on a good day, the pain goes away while you become more mobile. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes it is quicker, but if you have a full nights rest, it helps a lot. This is another reason why it is so important for me to workout. Working out helps your spine stay mobile and hopefully not fuse. Okay, enough of this but basically if I stopped nursing Ryder I could take more hardcore drugs but I am stubborn and am not going to do that as of now. Even if I did, some drugs they don’t want you to be pregnant on (not that we are trying anytime soon- I had a c-section and you have to wait a year to try) so it is a hard thing to balance….medication while having babies and nursing…a problem many young moms have with these auto-immune diseases. MOVING ON.


// At least I got this guy going for me :) He’s pretty awesome!


// Kevin and I went on a date night (running some errands hehe) and hit up Target, Children’s Place, Gap, Sam’s Club, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and ate a lovely dinner at Taco Bell haha. I got these tennis shoes from Dick’s. They are so cute but they are running shoes so I’m not sure if I need to return them and get cross-trainers since I do mainly classes (Kickboxing, lifting classes, Zumba, Yoga, etc.)…thoughts? Then we ended the night right with the latest Bachelor episode!


// Once, I came home from working out and Kevin had cleaned the whole kitchen, went to the grocery store and stocked our fridge up, and brought home an early Valentine’s Day present…all while watching Ryder since I was working out! Kevin is SO sweet! Love him. (Also, I guess this could be a before home renovation picture… :))


Also: // Kevin went to Atlanta, Georgia for a business trip the 4th through the 6th. // I worked out at Core Power Yoga and tried hot yoga for the first time! I did a week trial and loved it! The only downside is that it is very expensive and childcare isn’t included. I would love to do hot yoga more often but it just isn’t economical especially when I have to find someone to watch Ryder! The hot yoga really feels good on your joints though, especially if you have Ankylosing Spondylitis (dumb disease) like I do! It was great and I feel like I was starting to get more flexible! Also, my friend Mindy teaches there and she is amazing! I love her classes. I recommend their ‘Hot Power Fusion’ classes as well as their ‘Body Sculpt’ (with weights and very intense)! Love it. // My mom and I hit up Schlotzsky’s while Kevin was out of town. Just a fun little place for lunch! // Ryder and I went to Group. I love seeing how much he gains each week and how much he eats in a feeding! We also went to a Valentine’s Day Party one :)  // I shopped at the Nike outlet and got two tank tops. I love shopping for workout clothes! // I played ‘Mom’ and picked up Hunter from elementary school…oh wait, I am a mom. // The Christmas lights finally came down…and we didn’t get a HOA paper in the mail telling us too haha. // Also, I worked out Raintree Athletic Club which I actually was impressed with, but I didn’t want to drive how far away it was.

Next up: Our Valentine’s Day and my Birthday celebrations!


  1. I am excited to see your kitchen remodel!
    Sounds like February was a good month for you all!

  2. So glad to hear things are going OKAY with your auto-immune disease. Gosh, sounds terrible, it's a good thing there are some medications you can take while breastfeeding. I HATE vicadin though, I recently had some work done on my jaw and took some for a couple days. It gave me weird dreams... ANYWAY. I really hope you can get everything figured out soon! Ryker is so lucky to have a mom who works hard and breastfeeds! woohoo!

    Sounds like you had a great month. and I LOVE taco bell, sounds lovely to me!

    oh and that contraption looks really fun! I'm guessing it's some sort of exersaucer? looks crazy!

    1. Thanks! It really is...the worst haha. But I'll get over it ;) Oh no! I haven't had any crazy Vicadin dreams though! Thank goodness! I've been on it for a month now...I mean how can it be good to be on hardcore drugs all the time? Haha. Hope your jaw is doing well!!!

    2. Just saw your comment on Instagram and came over here to check out the reply since I didn't get a notification. I am glad to hear you do well on Vicadin! I just had like weird dreams that seemed super real, so it just kind of freaked me out... but I scare easily... especially since i am home alone all day with Jack. I'm a baby. haha.

      Anyway... I hope you are feeling well!