A February Wrap Up + Welcome March

I was on a roll blogging like a week and a half ago, and then I moved into my parents house while our home renovations started and it went downhill. I’ll be back into it soon :) This post covers: February 20th – March 1st, 2013.

// I had a lovely visit to the eye doctor and got my eyes dilated. I always forget how bright everything is afterwards, and driving back home with the awesome shades on! Not my favorite thing BUT on a positive note, my prescription didn’t get worse being pregnant with Ryder! That is a plus! My eyes are already SO bad! Honestly, I bet I am considered legally blind. // While I was shopping at my favorite Super Target I stumbled across all these Utah t-shirts and baby onesies…so random! I seriously had a thought, “Wait, am I in Utah?” Like no one is going to buy these here haha! They also had Utah Jazz stuff! What is cool is that they had some BYU duct tape once – and I actually saw it again recently…like last week – so I guess that means there are more Mormons around here that even Target is noticing? I wish they had some BYU t-shirts or onesies because I may have actually bought some! The Utah ones were on clearance since nobody wanted them, hehe. I have even heard they are putting in a Downeast Outfitters in Loveland (10-15 minutes away.)


// Pretty winter day.


// After I used up a bunch of free workout trials, I worked out at my parents and used my mom’s elliptical! As you can see Ryder was having fun in their exersaucer/jumper while I watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney & Kim Take Miami! Let’s be real. It is the best. Who is your favorite Kardashian? Mine is Kourtney haha! // Uncle Hunter and Ryder. They have too much fun together!


// Kevin and I made whole wheat pancakes, breakfast sausage, and some other yummy things for dinner and it was delicious. I LOVE whole wheat pancakes! Also, I had a lot of strawberries haha. Kathy got us the coolest strawberry cutter that basically cuts out the little part you don’t want to eat in a strawberry and it is the best. I actually just showed it to my dad a couple of days ago and now he has to have one. You can get them at Williams & Sonoma!


// Often times when I go to my parents there are geese parties going on…here was one such party!


// Annnnddd…Kevin, Ryder, and I had fun researching kitchen appliances and checking them out. We checked them out at Factory Appliance Outlet, Sear’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy. Best Buy was the winner! I can’t wait for them to be delivered!!!


Other: I had a lovely Café Rio lunch. // Kevin and I went to Kansas City, Missouri for the CAMEX Trade Show and to visit his fam…post here. // I went visit teaching with my companion Katie. Boom. 100%. // Kevin and I were good and held FHE. Of course, it ended with watching a Modern Family episode. // My mom and I went to Spoons for a yummy lunch. They have great soups! I always get the chicken caesar pita sandwich as well. Delicious! // Kevin and I watched Shark Tank and it was cool because we knew some of the guys on it. If you love Shark Tank and watch it, you probably saw the eyewear company that makes the glasses out of wood, Proof. My sister dated one of the guys. I love seeing people we know on that show! Kevin also knew the guys of Kisstixx (chap stick that you and your significant other wear and when you make out it makes a new flavor…i.e.. strawberry + lemonade…) Kevin knows them because he competed against them in business competitions in good ol’ Provo!

I will do a few more posts maybe soon and then post a little on the home renovations…oh, and maybe sometime on my disease when I am feeling positive about it haha…now time to watch an episode of Revenge!!!


  1. Where/who did you hear they are putting a Down East in from? I would be so stoked if they did that!!

  2. Ha I looked at the pancakes and strawberry photo before reading the text and thought "wow she took the time to cut out the stems" then I read to find out there's a tool for that?! lol heading to WS now :p

    P.S. the kitchen looks great. I feel like a kid in the candy store looking at all the new appliances with fresh tags

  3. I meant the kitchen appliances :p clearly that's not ur remodeled kitchen haha