4 Month Old Ryder


Ryder went to his 4 month old appointment on January 10, 2013. He was actually 4 months and a week old. He is doing great! He weighed 15 lbs. 5 oz. coming in at the 50% percentile. His height was 26 inches coming in at the 75% percentile! His head was also I think in the 50% percentile so normal. He has mild eczema and cradle cap – yay! – so we are working on that. He was a trooper with his shots! He was all flirty with the nurses and doctors beforehand and then when he got stabbed with the shots he cried hard and it is so sad! I just put him in his car seat and he was fine. He gets a little sore where they do the shots but overall isn’t much fussier or anything so that is good. And clearly, he loves Sophie the giraffe! I can’t believe how fast he is growing. It is going too fast! Tomorrow evening he will be officially 6 months old! Time, please slow down.

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