Sao Paulo Market

On Monday morning, December 31, 2012 we met up with some of the church members that we hung out with the day before. They all wanted to drive us around and show us the area. That was seriously so nice of them! We took a subway to get to a stop where they picked us up in their cars. We originally were going to visit some really tall building – not sure which one – but it was a national holiday being New Years Eve and all so it was closed. The next stop was to check out an awesome indoor market, something Kevin had been looking forward to!

All the ladies of the group…


And the littlest man who was such a trooper the whole trip…


Here is a glimpse of the market!


They had tons of fresh fruit and veggies that I had never seen or heard of. They had a huge selection of fresh meat. At one point, Kelsi was having her picture taken in front of a bunch of dead pigs hanging and then the butcher thought it would be funny to grab one and put it right next to her. Kelsi decided to kiss the dead pig for a picture…yeah, I don’t think I would do that haha. Anyways, the pictures are really gross so I am not going to post one! One time Hunter got lost in the market so we all had to look for him lol. For lunch, everyone got in line and got some fresh meat sandwich that is popular in Sao Paulo. Ah, I wish I remember what it was. It was kind of like salami? Anyways, we all had those sandwiches, pao de queijo (cheese bread with different things inside), and a bunch of fruit that we had never tried before! I don’t even know the names of the fruits but there were some really good ones! It is crazy how there are so many different fruits and veggies all over the world and some countries don’t get to try them all because by the time the fruit would arrive from overseas it would have spoiled! It is so fun to try new foods from different countries! Of course, I had peach or mango nectar juice which I loved! We tried to always get juices or guarana because if you aren’t used to the water in Brazil, it can sometimes make you sick. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and then next we went to the most amazing park ever!

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