Sao Paulo, Brazil Trip Wrap Up

View from our room at the Marriott Renaissance in Sao Paulo. Can you believe it?!


Mango nectar juice that I am obsessed with! // Kevin and an amazing meal at the restaurant at the Marriott Renaissance


Ryder wearing his Jordan outfit Aunt Anna got him for the trip! Love it. Doesn’t he look like a little baller? ;)


Cute Ryder on the hotel bed. Our room was so modern! I felt like we were in an Ikea room!


The rest of the time in Sao Paulo was great. We had breakfast at the concierge level once overlooking an incredible view which apparently we had access to the whole time we were there but didn’t know it until the last day. We ate dinner at a restaurant in the hotel, which had the most amazing food. Once, Kevin, Patrick, and I walked to a place called Habib’s and got pizza, salad, soda, and ice-cream for dinner. Kevin and I walked around looking at some shops and I found some very cute clothes I wanted to buy :). We had the most amazing Rodizio style dinner before we caught our red-eye flight from Sao Paulo to Houston. A Rodizio style dinner is basically what you might find at Rodizios or Tucanos, but actually authentic because you are in Brazil. The meat was incredible and the empoyees didn’t walk around with skewers of meat hehe. Our flights went great. We also got to the front of the passport line, cutting in front of a huge line of people, because we had a baby, little Ryder! Got to love the first class treatment because you have a baby! If you want tips for flying with a baby – international or not – I wrote a blog post about it, right here. All in all, the trip to Brazil was a lot of fun. It was great to see the areas where Kelsi served her mission and experience a new different culture. I really enjoyed Brazil and hope to one day return!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a view! And what a cutie Ryder is turning out to be.. I'm not surprised considering you're beautiful! But I seriously just want to pinch his cheeks!! Adorable!

    Janette Lane Blog

  2. So much fun reading all your posts about brazil! Glad you had a wonderful time. I think really what is amazing about brazil is the culture and loving people, and of course there's the yummy food, beautiful places, and amazing beaches too!! ;)