Ryder’s First Time at the Beach + Dad’s Birthday

My dad’s birthday is on December 27th. For his birthday, we started the day off by eating brunch in the hotel and then going to the beach. The Sheraton Barra was right on the beach so we just had to walk across the street to get there.


I was so excited for Ryder’s first beach experience! However, it was very hot and the water was very cold. The minute Ryder’s feet touched the water he started crying really hard. He didn’t want to be in the ocean. I didn’t even want to be in the ocean, ha! It was so cold, so I don’t blame him!


I hung out with Ryder and calmed him down. Meanwhile some of the boys hung out in the ocean.


I decided that it would be better to go back to the hotel’s pool because it was warmer and not sandy. All in all, it was just the easiest for Ryder. We ordered some lunch and ate it poolside and hung out in the pool for a bit longer. I would love to stay at a really nice pool forever haha. After we hung out at the beach and pool all day we got ready and headed out to have dinner. Ryder wore his cute Jordan track suit Anna got him. Soooo cute! Thanks Anna :)


We decided to hit up the mall again because we knew there were some other places to eat and my dad didn’t go the last night because he was watching Hunter (sick). We wanted to show him some cool stores. We got some chocolate from a chocolate store Kelsi wanted us to try. We all just got whatever in the food court for dinner. My family got some pao de queijo which are those cheese bread balls that you get at Tucanos or Rodizios at a store full of them (picture below).  They are so good!


Kevin and I got some random brownie from a place called Brownieria! We tried to talk with a Brazilian but we couldn’t really make out what each brownie was haha. We just pointed at random ones and the ones we got were good!


Afterward we all shared a Panettone instead of a cake at the hotel to celebrate. We also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Portuguese thanks to Kelsi writing the lyrics for us. I am sure we all butchered the pronunciation of the lyrics haha! Happy Birthday Dad! Not every birthday you get to spend is in Brazil :) I love you!


  1. Aw, what a great way to celebrate your dad's birthday! Ryder's face at the beach is just priceless!

  2. How fun! What a fun birthday! Your swimsuit is adorable! Where did you get it from?