Ryder’s First Swim at the Sheraton Barra in Rio de Janeiro

December 26, 2012 we had a pool day at our hotel, the Sheraton Barra Hotel. And, if I remember right Hunter got the stomach flu this day, ha! Him and my mom got it, but no one else, thank goodness! Anyways, I was so excited because this was Ryder’s first time in a swimming pool! He always has loved baths so I knew he would love a pool. Plus, they had a kiddie pool with warmer water and the normal pool even was pretty warm. It was perfect for him.

Do you see that guy to the left of Kevin in the picture below? He is wearing a mankini! Yep, pretty much all males wear mankinis and it is very normal for girls to be wearing thongs – people of all body types wear whatever they want! Everyone is very open in Brazil and it is just normal. We probably stuck out since we wore more clothing.

Kevin and Ryder hanging out in the kiddie pool! Also to the right of Kelsi is one of her old mission companions! I know her as Sister Travassos. She is from Rio so her and her fiancée took off work to come hang out at the pool all day with Kelsi and to meet us! It was cool to meet one of her companions! She was super nice and same with her fiancée. According to her, I look Brazilian or I could be one. Everyone in my family could be except for Kevin and Ryder haha. I think it is the dark hair.
Kelsi, Jaqueline (Travassos – which she actually just got married last month), and so I guess her husband now! They were really good with Ryder! Some people are just naturals with kids!
Family photo. Also got to love the pool water distorting our lower bodies haha. Kevin’s leg looks SO skinny!
I don’t know if you have heard of freak babies being thrown into the pool and swimming but I read some blog posts about it before so I know they are fine with water…lol. I told Kevin about it briefly so we dunked him. He was surprised but didn’t seem to mind! Love his face coming out of the water. SO CUTE haha!
My turn to dunk him!
We took a little lunch break at the restaurant by the pool. Ryder had fun grabbing my dad’s Ray Ban sunglasses. Ryder is the first grandson for my family’s side as I am the oldest. What a good grandpa :).
Hanging out by the big pool. Apparently there was some super famous Brazilian soccer player at the pool…but we were like, “Cool?!” Haha…don’t really follow the Brazilian teams. But the soccer player was definitely in shape!
I’ve come to the conclusion that swimming with a baby is the literal best.P1130277
The pool and our hotel and a sleepy baby.

Jaqueline and her fiancée playing ball.

I am obsessed with taking Ryder swimming. Okay, he doesn’t swim, but I walk around with him and he floats and it is just the best. It is so fun. And then every family member tries to steal him :) I actually just signed up for infant swim lessons with some other moms and babes which start in March and I’m excited!!! I am just afraid of when he becomes a better swimmer than me, because that will be soon, and then I will need to practice swimming haha! I am the worst swimmer ever! I’m not even kidding…I really should work on. Anyone else seriously suck at swimming? Lol. Oh, and on a completely irrelevant side note, Brazilians think buns on top of your head are really weird. Kelsi let me know, haha, by the way she wears them too. So you won’t be seeing the blogger top knot there!


  1. that looks heavenly! and your suit is so cute!!!



  2. Looks like he loved it! love your swimsuit!