Ryder's Baby Blessing

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Ryder was blessed in our church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - on September 30, 2012, which was the Fast Sunday for October. He wasn't even a month old, little guy! Kevin and I only got a few (literally maybe 3-4) hours of sleep that night. I remember being very paranoid that I would sleep in a little bit and then be really rushed and not ready for church. The last thing I would want is to be going to church with wet hair and no makeup, lol. That is probably only something girls think of, ha. Luckily, we were fine ;) Our church is at 8 am, which is very early for me, like a few hours too early ;)
Anyways, I loved his little blessing outfit! I actually just realized I don't know if we have a photo of him in it and the details of it...sad! My mom and I searched in lots of stores in Fort Collins and Denver (Cherry Creek), online, and chose this one from Janie & Jack (love that store!). I actually had a backup blessing outfit (Polo Ralph Lauren) in my diaper bag just in case...lol. My sister, Kelsi, actually had a big blowout in her baby blessing dress when she was blessed haha! You can never be too prepared! Actually, it is not like we meant to buy 2...we just decided to keep another for him to wear whenever so it was thrown in the diaper bag for a backup.  The blanket that he was wrapped in was made by my grandma, Omi. It was beautiful. 
Anyways, church was great. Ryder was a little angel. He was wrapped in his blanket and slept for the beginning of church. He was also content and quiet for the blessing, no crying or fussing! The blessing was beautiful. Kevin blessed him and we have some of the words/phrases written down thanks to a family friend, Stephanie Packham (who I visit teach). I'm so glad we have some of it documented. He was just a little angel. Afterwards in sacrament, he was passed around to multiple family members. Everyone wanted to hold him. Then, since it was fast and testimony meeting, several of my family members bore their testimonies and it was just perfect. It was a perfect blessing and church service.
Afterwards, we took a few pictures in the foyer with the family members who didn't run off to class (cough, Kelsi) and headed home since Ryder was hungry and was having feeding issues. Later in the afternoon we went to my parents house to have a big family luncheon. 
It was perfect.

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