Rio de Janeiro - Feira de Sao Cristovao + Mall

Originally when Kelsi’s companion, Sister Travassos and fiancée came to visit us and swim all day, we were all going to visit a market at night. The market ended up being closed so we went to an outdoor mall that was near the Sheraton Barra instead. The market was called Feira de Sao Cristovao and we decided to check it out this evening! We had to take a taxi about 45 minutes to get there if I remember right.P1130443

We had no clue what the market would be like but pretty much it was a huge area with rides on the outside of it, touristy shops inside, lots of sit down restaurants with the owners begging you to eat there, lots of fast food places, and had live music and dancing. I’ve never been to any place like it in the states! It is in a way like a fair but there are solid walls around the whole thing and there are like stores…but it is outside…


We walked around checking things out. My family found and got a few cool souvenirs. We tried random foods Kelsi ate on her mission that she wanted us to eat. There were these things that were like crepes, but the crepe substance was made out of corn. It was kind of crunchy and very interesting. You sprinkle it on the pan, shake it around, and then it solidifies. I have no clue how to explain it but it was very interesting! We also found a brand of guarana called ‘Guarana Jesus’ that tasted like bubblegum! Very interesting. I decided that I prefer the normal guarana instead haha!


Then Ryder started getting hungry and there was no where really to feed him. We decided to head to a big mall in Rio (unfortunately don’t remember the name but it was awesome!) and find a restaurant. Of course, I fed Ryder in the taxi ride…that is kind of what happened all the time! So interesting feeding him in cars haha. Anyways, we made our way to the mall and Kelsi actually met up with Sister Travassos and her fiancée and went to hang out with them for the night. She actually ended up spending the night there and taking a taxi in the morning back to the hotel. Meanwhile, we all found an amazing steak restaurant. I also don’t remember the name of it but what was funny was they didn’t have enough room for us to be seated. Then they asked a couple enjoying their dinner to MOVE to a different table so they could move 2 tables together so we could eat there! I have NEVER seen anyone being asked to move tables mid-meal so another family could be seated! Haha! Has anyone seen that happen? Anyways, they were especially accommodating and the manager/owner? came and talked to us in ENGLISH which was very helpful! No one really spoke English so we were going to just guess what we wanted to eat off the menu but then he came over and starting talking to us. Seriously, when you are in a foreign country it is the best when someone speaks your language haha. Or…we could just try learning their language ;) Anyways, it was a great evening and our last day in Rio de Janeiro. The next day we flew to Sao Paulo!

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