Helicopter Tour of Rio de Janeiro

For my dad’s birthday (Dec. 27), we went on a helicopter ride on December 28, 2012. When my dad told us what we were doing, we were so excited! I have never ridden on a helicopter before. One of the first things I thought of was that it would feel like we are on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette because they take helicopter rides everywhere haha. Anyways, he told us the tour would be all over Rio de Janeiro. My mom stayed at the hotel as she was sick and the rest of us made our way to the helicopter tour place. It was a bummer she couldn’t come!

It was everyone's first helicopter ride! Ryder got to go on his first at only 3 months and I was 24 years haha. We actually were going to go on a helicopter ride when we were a lot younger in Hawaii once but then there was mechanical problems with the helicopter so that fell through. Here we were waiting to leave the hotel!


Okay I love these two photos. I think it is just adorable how Ryder is looking at his daddy in the left photo. On the right, twins ;)


My dad, Patrick, and Zach rode in one helicopter and Kelsi, Hunter, Kevin, Ryder, and I rode in the other. Ryder slept the whole time in his Ergo carrier!


Getting ready to take off.


Kevin and Ryder, passed out! When we first were taking off it was kind of freaky and I felt like I was in an amusement park ride. Then we got super high and it wasn’t really scary anymore haha! I’m afraid of heights so at first I wasn’t sure what I would think! Then it just felt like we were in an airplane and it wasn’t scary at all. We were all smushed up against the glass snapping tons of photos. The pilot did a great job too and was a very smooth driver.


Here is a funny story for you: First of all, let me tell you that Hunter gets motion sickness…very often. He gets motion sick while driving in a car, on airplanes, anything of that nature. Well, Hunter was sitting in the middle of Kevin (with Ryder) and me. He had just gotten over the stomach flu a couple of days prior to this tour. About 3/4 of the way through this tour he says “I feel sick.” Second of all, let me tell you a little about myself. I get very anxious and full of anxiety around people with the flu aka throwing up. I will do ANYTHING to avoid sick people, especially the flu. I think throwing up is the literal worst. It just gives me anxiety. I do not want to hear it, get it, etc. I actually did a whole blog post I think on here about how I avoid sick people haha. Once, I hung out at my ex-boyfriends house like all day for a few days to avoid my family when I was in high school. Anyways, I hate the flu, sickness, especially barfing. SO…when he told me that I started getting very anxious. I moved my diaper bag all the way to the side of the helicopter and same with my feet. I just imagined him getting sick all over the floor and on me. I thought, “Dangit, we all knows he gets motion sick, why didn’t he go with dad, haha?” He starts looking awful and I ask him if he is going to be sick. He was acting like he was. Meanwhile, I was trying to distract him by saying “Hey! Isn’t this so fun?", “Hey look! There is an arena of some sort down there!”, to “Hey I think I see a grocery store!”…basically ANYTHING to distract him. It wasn’t working. Kelsi was sitting up by the pilot so I say, “Kelsi, GET A BARF bag for him! He is going to be sick!” and she is like “Oh, no, he is fine! He does this all the time.” The reason I asked her was because she is the only one who speaks Portuguese. Anyways, time passes, I am psyching myself out, and then demand Kelsi to ask the pilot for a bag. I mean, he’s got to have one! Finally she asks him and he says something to her and Kelsi says, “Are you sure he is going to be sick?” And I am like “GET HIM ONE!” So the pilot grabs one and gives it to Hunter and he stares into it for awhile. Meanwhile, the pilot talks to some other people on his channel (letting them know he has a sick passenger) and he starts to fly faster. Haha…LUCKILY Hunter did not get sick and I was so excited to land on the ground without a horrible disaster.

Overall, going on a helicopter ride was actually insanely fun. My favorite was flying over the beaches and going up and around the Christ the Redeemer statue. That was epic. I can’t explain how cool it was.  The helicopter tour was definitely a highlight of this trip! I really want to go on more helicopter rides sometime! I do think that the location is an important factor in deciding whether or not to go on one on a vacation somewhere!


  1. Such a once in a life time opportunity! The views are breathtaking!!

  2. It is an experience that leaves you breathless! I had the the same tour in Italy with hoverfly and we flew over Rome and Ponza! Amaizing!