Christmas Eve in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

We left Denver on December 23, 2012, had a layover in Texas, and arrived in Rio de Janiero on the 24th, Christmas Eve!

As we drove from the airport to our hotel, the Sheraton Barra Hotel & Suites, Kelsi started telling us about random things we saw. Kelsi served her mission in Sao Paulo (not Rio) so it was new to her too. She was speaking to our driver, translating, and telling us all about Rio! The weather was very hot and humid since it was the summer there (and winter in Colorado :)) We checked in, organized our rooms, I took a little nap, and then we hung out by the pool. We were exhausted from traveling! Kelsi and Hunter swam in the pool and we just lounged on the chairs.

Ryder tried out his new umbrella stroller – the Maclaren Quest – love it! Super lightweight, great maneuverability, awesome quality, and the company has a great reputation so I’m glad we bought it. It reclines a little which is perfect because most umbrella strollers don’t recline that much for younger babies with not much head control. If you want an umbrella stroller for a newborn you got to fork out the dough! (This stroller isn’t a newborn one)







By the pool there is an outdoor restaurant. We ate a big Christmas Eve feast buffet! In Brazil, it is common to have a huge feast at midnight when it becomes Christmas! We decided to eat our feast earlier since we had been traveling all day and had big plans for Christmas. We ate some yummy Brazilian food – some of which we had no clue what it was since the labels that said what the food was were in Portuguese – and then crashed for the night. We definitely slept very good and Ryder slept amazing and all through the night after traveling! Great first start to Brazil!

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