Beluga & Bob’s Burgers in Rio de Janeiro

After a solid day of swimming at the Sheraton Barra we made our way to a local outdoor mall (unfortunately I don’t remember what it is called.) My dad stayed back with Hunter as he had the flu and the rest of us went with Kelsi’s former mission companion and fiancée.  We took 2 taxis. It is always funny because Kelsi is the only one who speaks Portuguese so every taxi ride she would tell the drivers where to go – we never fit in one taxi – so if we weren’t with Kelsi we had no clue what was going on. Kevin served his mission in Italy so he would throw out Italian words at the Brazilians and then he would try some Spanish (because he knew a little from Italian) and eventually we would be able to communicate with them! By the end of the trip he actually picked up on a ton of Portuguese. It was making his head hurt from thinking so much about the language. And here am I, worthless, as I don’t know any of those languages haha. I took 4 years of German in high school and only know certain words and phrases! So sad how you forget so much!



We browsed some stores and found a place for dinner called Beluga. They are famous for these hash brown casseroles with a variety of stuff inside. I have never heard of any restaurant like that in the US. We had to try it! It was interesting! Kevin and I split one and inside I think ours was tomatoes, basil, cheese? Haha. I don’t remember. I also had STRAWBERRY juice there and it was amazing! I wish we had strawberry juice here at restaurants! Just fresh strawberries blended…so good! I am obsessed.


Afterwards we went in some more stores and decided to try out a shake at Bob’s Burgers which was in the food court. There is a girl in my ward, Jessy, who told me all about Bob’s Burgers, as she visited Brazil before. She said to not get the burgers but get the shakes. As we drove around Rio, I started noticing there were Bob’s Burgers everywhere! We all then decided to try a shake before leaving the mall. Their famous shakes are malts and I am not a fan of malts so I got a strawberry one which was pretty good.



And here is Zach yo-yoing as usual! He was trying to hit something off of Patrick’s ear. Don’t worry- he is professional and didn’t hit Patrick haha! He is actually the US National Champion and competes in World competitions and stuff.


Afterwards we made our way back to the hotel and that was that! Fun, solid, day!

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