Wrapping up November

November was good to us. Here is what went down at the end of November.
Also, this is my second time writing this post because for some reason it didn't save...The worst. Take two.

// My mom, Kelsi, Ryder, and I hit up Cherry Creek shopping mall. Lets just say we spent a long time in Nordstrom because I fed Ryder 3 times in there lol - once in a dressing room and twice in their mother's lounge...Nordstrom is always a favorite place of mine :) For dinner we hit up California Pizza Kitchen. It seems like we always eat there when we go to Cherry Creek. On the car ride there, I read Ryder books and he seems to love them :)

// I met up with my friend Emily and we ate lunch at Mad Greens. Afterwards we hung out at my house and watched Gossip Girl. And now I just remembered Gossip Girl ended, and that is sad haha.

// My family, Kevin, Ryder, and I ate dinner at Olive Garden with my grandparents - Grandma & Grandpa - who came in town. Ryder wore his Baby Gap hoody they got him.

// Kelsi, Patrick, Hunter, Mom, Ryder, and I went to Epic and went ice-skating (here).

// Thanksgiving at my parents house (here).

// Black Friday happened. Kevin and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's to check out kitchen appliances (fridge, oven/stove, microwave, dishwasher) and ended up buying hardwood flooring haha. We got a killer deal. We hope to put it in during the spring when we re-do our kitchen. We also got a chest freezer and a space heater. The things you get on Black Friday when you are an adult and own a house... ;)

// Kevin and our friend from church, Derk, put up our Christmas lights. It was SO nice of him to help Kevin! The lights look great - they are still up ha!

// Ryder and I met up with my high school friend Taylor at Cafe Rio. It was Taylor's first time meeting Ryder and her first time eating at Cafe Rio, heh! It was fun to catch up as she is living the dream in Cali! She was back visiting her family.

// Ryder took a nap in his crib for the first time...and honestly he hasn't taken many naps since in there lol. I am not sure when we will fully transition him to his crib...but I am not ready. I was getting into it and using the baby monitor but it was not okay when I heard a neighbor mom greeting her baby in some house nearby. The volume was super loud and I was downstairs and I heard a mom start talking to her baby and it freaked me out!!! I wish our baby monitor didn't pick up on our neighbors...makes me not want to use it because it is very creepy when you are not expecting it.

// Hunter came over and hung out at our house. We played a lot of Uno, some games which lasted forever!!! Hunter loves playing Uno when he visits our house!

// Ryder has been awesome and is very cute if I say so myself...so you see many pictures of him ;)

// Kevin and I went on a lunch date to Cafe Athens, which I usually love... however they seemed to have burnt the gyro meat and so it was very crispy and kind of nasty. Strike one! Afterwards I hit up the outlets at Loveland.

// Kevin went to Chicago and back for business.

// Ryder began to refuse a bottle...not fun! My lactation consultant, Becky, gave us plenty of great tips so after a week or so of trying to get him to take a bottle he finally gave in and takes one decent enough! Here's the thing, he drank out of the Tommee Tippee bottles for 2 months straight (and like a boss) while we tried to figure out nursing (physical therapy and all that fun stuff, etc.) and then we finally figured it out so he just got too cool for the bottle a few weeks after... But I do think it is important to take a bottle because if I go work out or if Kevin and I want to go on a date or to Denver, he needs to take a bottle from someone and not starve ;) In case you are nursing and haven't introduced your baby a bottle by 5 weeks, DO IT!!! Your baby may not take and you may have to work really hard :) They recommend starting a bottle at 5 weeks, 2-3x a week (and from then on) and to pump while someone else gives the bottle so your supply isn't affected...anywho...

// My mom, Ryder, and I met up with my cousin Brittany at PF Changs! I haven't been there in forever and it was very good! I need to eat there more often! Anyways, it was fun to catch up and we stayed for hours talking in a booth...

// Kevin and I got Ryder's passport weeks ago and if you visit Brazil you have to apply for VISAs as well. We had to get extra photos for the VISA and let me tell you Ryder's are so cute! You just have to hold your baby up against a white background and they take the photo. Too hilarious!

That's a wrap!


  1. I HATE when my posts delete! Such cute pictures, though- Ryder is such a stud!