Ryder Meets Santa

We took Ryder to meet Santa at the mall...
just one of those things you need to do when you have a kid ;)
and pay for the very overpriced photo, hehe.
Looking back that evening he just started not feeling well so he was kind of out of it.
He was actually crying before the first photos in case it looks like it...
He didn't seem to care much to meet Santa or anything.
He was just chilling ha!
And funny story- when Kevin put Ryder on Santa's lap, I saw Santa's face, and then realized I think he was one of my art teachers at my high school! 
Later I found out that he really was my art teacher.
I couldn't really ask him when there were kids waiting to meet him, "Oh did you teach art at Rocky Mountain High School?" Would maybe not be the best...
But he did, he taught my 2-D and a 3-D art class!
(I remember he really liked my prismacolor colored pencil drawing of a peach lol.)
A week or so later, my sister went with some guy friend to the mall and they recognized him and got a picture. They actually talked to him so yes he was our teacher. Too funny.
I wonder what next year will be like for Ryder since he will be over a year old!
It is so fun being a mom and enjoying the holidays as one!


  1. That hat is absolutely adorable on him! And what a good boy he was with Santa :)