Ice Skating at Epic

Over Thanksgiving break, my siblings (minus Zach) and I went ice-skating at Epic on November 21, 2012.
My mom watched Ryder in his stroller.
Of course he was all bundled up!
Patrick, Hunter, Kelsi, me
I don't know where Zach was but he couldn't come and Kevin was at work.
One reason why we went ice-skating was that Hunter is getting into hockey. He is working on practicing his skating skills so he comes fairly often during free skate.
Oldest and youngest siblings :)
They have this amazing hot chocolate machine that we all got hot chocolate from.
You wouldn't think a hot chocolate vending machine would produce that great of hot chocolate but it did!!! Success.
 Taking a break with some hot chocolate!
Taking the skates off.
Every once in awhile I do something and I'm like, "Why don't I do that more often?"
That happened with ice-skating lol. I don't even know if Kevin and I have gone together. Maybe we will on a date sometime soon. My siblings and I had a fun time. Happy skating ;)

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  1. Seriously, that's your post baby body? I'm jealous!

    Ice skating is so much fun, but somehow I always end up so hurt from falling that I put it off for a couple of years.

    Oh, and we have a vending machine at the office. Its hot chocolate is like heaven