A Little Preppin + a Date Night

Kevin and I had a fun date night - December 1, 2012 (yes late I know) - but I just have to share this photo first.
Earlier in this day, Kevin watched a Doomsday Preppers episode and got so pumped that he drove to Target and bought a bunch of stuff for our 72 hour kits...
He was so excited about it so I had to document ;)
Of course he got peach rings candy for his kit...lol.
Moving on...
We hit up downtown FoCo for a little date night and of course, we took the babe.
...haven't left him with anyone for a date night yet haha...
The lights everywhere were a pretty touch.
We checked out some fun stores.
We checked out Rocket Fizz...an amazing candy store!!!
I am not a big fan of just eating candy or drinking soda but I love this candy store!
It is a very fun one.
They have tons of soda throughout the whole store, even 47 different kinds of root beer!
Confession: I rarely drink soda...like maybe once a month, so I didn't get any candy or soda here...
I just feel like it is kind of a waste of money haha...I'd rather have ice-cream, frozen yogurt, a cupcake, or some clothes lol.
But Kevin got some soda and he got a winner.
But first, see our shopping friend...
The winner is on the left...cream soda.
The one on the right...ginger ale was sick-nasty.
But the left one was divine.
I wished I got one.
We also stopped by Buttercream Cupcakery and each tried a cupcake from there.
I had been wanting to try that place for awhile.
Kevin chose eggnog (ew) and I chose red velvet (win).
Afterwards we split our ways - Kevin and I - as he wanted to watch some game on TV lol.
I then watched The Hunger Games with my mom and brother, Zach.
They both loved the movie and I let them in on the background of the movie since I read all the books.
Great night! You can't go wrong hanging out downtown Fort Collins!


  1. I must be really out of the loop, I've never heard of 72 hour kits. I don't want to be caught unprepared at doomsday! :)

    Fort Collins is great. I have lots of family around there.

  2. That candy store is precious. And so is that sweet little babe of yours!