December According to my iPhone

December was a great month.
In the beginning, we visited Kansas City, Missouri.
In the later half, we spent a week and a half in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo, Brazil (posts coming soon) over Christmas and New Years.

Here is a little of what we were up to when we were home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

+ My mom put Ryder's face in some app and sent it to me...
so we got to watch Ryder dance to "Gangnam Style" haha.
+ Kevin and Ryder hung out after church and I'm betting they watched some sports ;)
+ My mom, Zach, and I ate at Tokyo Joes. I had a Yakitori bowl (below).  It was amazing! We then hit up Macy's at Foothills Fashion Mall - our lame mall which by the way is getting a makeover!!! - so that was a fun night.
 + Ryder started taking naps in his crib...
Kevin had to make sure Ryder was in Baseball AND Camo haha.
+ We gave Ryder many baths. Baths are always a fun time! Ryder loves them!
PS. The washcloth on him is called a bath cozy - it helps babies stay warm while in a bath and not shiver.
I just love how giggly and smiley Ryder is! We have multiple videos of him hysterically laughing in the bath tub.
+ Kevin and I went shopping all day on a Saturday once trying to get last minute Christmas gifts.
We hit up Kohl's, the mall, and Subway for dinner (maybe a few other places?).
 We did an awesome 'Pay-it-forward' experience at Subway (maybe I will blog about it?)
Basically it was awesome and you should try to pay it forward to someone every once in awhile ;)
Ryder and I hanging out in a dressing room...
Cutie in the dressing room.
+ Lesley came into town so she got to meet Ryder and Ryder got to meet her and baby Jackson!
Too bad you don't live here still ;) Our boys are only a few months apart.
+ My boys!  Love them.
+ Got to love a sleeping baby.  Precious!
+ Opi sent me this collage he made of Ryder and our little family.
Opi LOVES taking pictures and editing them and making collages ;)
+ One morning Kevin was leaving for work and noticed Ryder got out of his swaddle...
Not even funny! Kevin took this picture and then moved the blanket off his face and told me.
Oh my gosh! It was funny but not at all haha.
Now we put him in his Halo or Skip Hop sleep sacks...he can't break out of those!!!
+ Can you say cutest baby ever?
I may be biased but really, I die.
+ Annnd...I visited my rheumatologist again because I am having another flare up these days.
Long story...but basically having any type of arthritis SUCKS!
I got another batch of X-Rays (more X-Rays than my first batch almost 2 years ago) so here Ryder was in the dressing room while we were waiting for me to go back and get them done.
I will post about this soon. Something needs to change where I am not in pain.
If you want to read more on my blog regarding all this fun stuff, go here or here.
+ Anddd on a positive note, we hit up Snooze. Always a good time.
Split half a breakfast burrito and biscuits and gravy with my mom!
+ My friend Emily and her mom stopped by to hangout for a little bit.
Move back to FoCo Em... ;) Denver isn't that cool!
+ And the last picture to wrap this up...one of Ryder's 'new' faces!
Every once in awhile Ryder does a 'new' face and we call it his 'new' face.
He got all pouty lips on us in December and it was the cutest thing ever.
And he really hasn't done it recently...
Miss those lips haha.
It is crazy seeing your baby grow and do new things and it keeps on going and then all of a sudden they are huge and not seeming so baby-ish anymore. They grow too fast!!!
And...not pictured...

+ We set up Ryder's education fund! Got to start putting money into it so he can get a great education!
+ Kevin went on a business trip to Atlanta, Georgia.
+ Ryder and I got sick for a week...which wasn't the funnest ;)
+ Ryder and I met up with Lesley and her son Jackson as well as Bekah and her daughter Carmen.
We all ate at 5 Guys and caught up, as Lesley now lives in Kentucky!
 + Kevin and I celebrated Christmas early...it was Ryder's first Christmas!
We also celebrated with my family the day before we left for Brazil.
Blog posts on this coming up!

Have a great Thursday :D

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