Christmas Clifford + Ryder's 1st (early) Christmas

One evening my mom and brother Zach came over and brought Ryder a gift.
Christmas Clifford.
Ryder loves Clifford.
Seriously it is so cute.
Big, floppy, ears, perfect for grabbing and holding onto.
Clifford went with Ryder many places, while I ran errands, hanging out in the car seat together :)

Then December 21, 2012, Kevin and I decided to exchange gifts and have Ryder open his.
We celebrated early because we left December 23 to Rio de Janiero, Brazil and were not going to be bringing any presents along with.
A few days prior (yes I am skipping around in dates a lot) Kevin and I went to Babies 'r' Us to get a good deal on a Maclaren stroller for the Brazil trip. I did tons and tons of research on umbrella strollers and decided upon the Maclaren Quest. We got a killer deal since we got last years model (in the back of the Babies 'r' Us store), on sale, and then we talked to the manager to get an additional 50% off (an employee there told me if you speak to the manager often times they will give you a deal to clear up some floor/inventory space of the sale section). So basically we got a sweet stroller for way less.

Back to our Christmas celebration...
Our Christmas tree, presents, Ryder in his new stroller, and the husband.
Yes that sweatshirt is how Kevin wrapped my present! Hilarious.
Ryder opening a Christmas present from Omi and Opi.
He looks pretty happy, huh?!
Ryder sitting on top of his big present from Kevin and I.
(an exersaucer)
I wanted to help Ryder open a present so I helped him tear it and he didn't really like it hahaha.
Look at his face!
I got Kevin a gift-card to Snooze (a favorite brunch place downtown) and some fancy sodas he likes from an awesome soda/candy shop. Kevin got me some warm boots. And for Ryder, we got him an exersaucer! He loves it! It is basically an amusement park for him ;)
Here Ryder is wearing the outfit Omi and Opi got him.
Next up: Ryder's newborn photo-shoot, Ryder's baby blessing, and our Brazil trip.
Literally that should be it for 2012 (I hope)...
Hope your holidays were great ;)

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