{2012} A Colorado Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012
Kevin, Ryder, and I had Thanksgiving with my family this year.
My dad and brother, Zach were out of town in Japan actually.
Zach was competing at a Worlds Yo-Yo competition. It kind of happened last minute when he won Nationals in the US and his sponsor wanted him to go to Japan for Worlds. His sponsor paid and everything! He is also going to the only other Worlds Yo-Yo competition in Prague. Good thing my dad served his mission in Japan so they were able to get around well. He can still speak Japanese!
Anyways, that left me, Kevin, Ryder, Kelsi (on break from BYU), Patrick (on break from CU), mom, and Hunter to celebrate.
Kelsi made these pies...she got really OCD about it and did it like all day haha...rearranging the pear and apple slices for the turkey lol.
Our lovely candles.
And the spread!
We devoured turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, stuffing, sweet potato casserole (LOVE), blueberry muffins, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and no offense to Kevin, his gross spinach salad lol. Of course we had an assortment of pies as well.
Our Thanksgiving was very nice :D
And I'd have to say, holidays are funner with a little one!


  1. Ok your brother is AMAZING. holy cow! So awesome! Looks like the perfect Thanksgiving.

  2. Wow! How awesome for your brother!!!!