Ryder's Life: Week 9

November 5 - November 11, 2012

November 5 - Monday: My mom and I had a little Cafe Rio lunch. I love that place and love that it is only a few miles from our house! Come on my Utah friends, move out here...we got Cafe Rio and of course me ;) Love this salad.
Afterwards we went and got a few copies of Ryder's birth certificate and ran some errands. For dinner, we ate at my parents with the missionaries from their ward. It is always fun eating with the missionaries! Whenever Kevin and I get those free Redbox codes...we use them. I never know what to get so I see something and just quickly get it. Often times the movies I choose, suck...so what we ended up getting was Rock of Ages (Kevin chose, I made fun of him, it was super lame, and we turned it off...I am not a musical fan lol) and October Baby (which I watched through night and morning feedings). Interesting movies!
Cutie for the day!
On a side note, Ryder found his hands and he is obsessed with eating them.

November 6 - Tuesday: This day was super productive. I cleaned all day - laundry, kitchen, everything. I love when our house is clean but I swear each weekend it goes downhill. 
After Kevin got off work, he gave Ryder a bath and Ryder laughed for the first time, like a real laugh! It was so cute!
 Afterwards, we went to an election party at my parents...the wrong person won...I'm still depressed that Mitt Romney lost. America definitely is missing out.
A bracelet for the occasion.
You better believe Kevin found our American flag and wore it and used it as a blanket for Ryder!

November 7 - Wednesday: I met with my lactation consultant, my mom and I ate lunch at Schlotzskys, and Kevin and I took Ryder to his 2 month well check-up and his first round of shots!
Here is an awkward shot of us before the round of shots!
Poor little guy! No parent likes to see their baby get shots! Afterwards he was pretty sad. His cry was different than it ever was and so pathetic! His legs were pretty sore so whenever we picked him up or held him he would cry. 
Ryder weighed 12 lbs. 12 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches tall, 65th percentile for both height and weight!

Mindy, my mom, and I had a girls night, except Ryder was invited, so Mindy could meet him. We ate at Olive Garden! Afterwards we went to the mall for a bit.

November 8 - Thursday: I hung out at home, did laundry, and went through old clothes to sell/donate. 
At night, I went to a Relief Society dinner with my mom.

November 9 - Friday: My mom and I had a lunch date at Fiona's which we didn't really like the food haha. That was a bummer. Then we used $10 off a $10 purchase coupons at Kohls and I got Ryder some short-sleeved onesies for our Brazil trip.
Kevin and I had a fun date night! We went and applied for a passport for Ryder...
Here is Ryder getting his photo taken.
I just about died watching this, hilarious.
Then we hit up Crazy 8 and Children's Place and got Ryder some more shorts and short-sleeved tops for our trip to Brazil (why we got the passport - still can't believe babies need passports!). When we get there it will be in the dead of summer and all he has in his size right now is warm clothing! Thank goodness we found a few summer items here and there on clearance at these stores (but no swim trunks!)
Kevin and I used our Livingsocial deal and ate at Nordy's Barbecue.
We got this amazing feast for 2! Kevin was a fan!
Afterwards we rented Snow White & the Huntsman...and I fell asleep so not sure what that was all about!
November 10 - Saturday: I got my haircut in the morning and then afterwards we took Ryder to his first trip to Denver! Why? To go to Ikea! We worked on a kitchen design for our kitchen/main level remodel and will have to go back to finalize it and also after we figure out our appliance dimensions but within the year (hopefully less than half) we will have finished the whole main level!

November 11 - Sunday:We went to church as usual, I got visit taught, we put up our Christmas decor, and had dinner at the parents!

Happy Weekend all!

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