Ryder's Life: Week 10

November 12 - November 18, 2012

November 12 - Monday: Kevin left on a business trip to Indiana today. I hung out with the babe at home, went through clothes to sell, and in the evening we hit up Centerra with mom, Zach, and Hunter. We ate at Rock Bottom and had some bacon mac'n'cheese! We also got our eyeglasses adjusted at Lenscrafters and it was the worst experience ever! My glasses were sliding down my nose and when I left...they were still sliding down my nose! The lady who tried to adjust mine and my brothers glasses was like super annoyed we wanted our glasses adjusted. It was quite possibly the worst 'adjustment' ever. She said she couldn't tighten the nose pads because then my eyes would be in the wrong part of the glass. She also tried to tighten the ear things and she tightened them so much it squeezed into my head. She also said not every ones ears and head shape are symmetrical so it was my head which is why my glasses didn't feel right... She also jacked up my brother's glasses. A week later I got them adjusted at a nice store in Cherry Creek and they did it just fine!!! Moving on hehe.
Cutie in the Bumbo!
Also, my brother Zach took this photo of Ryder later that night. Cute smile!

November 13 - Tuesday: Ryder and I had an early morning so I decided to start reading Baby Wise which my friend Lori let me borrow weeks ago. Too bad I didn't start reading it earlier haha. Basically it helps you know how to get your baby on a routine so they can sleep through the night. Regardless, I think he would have started sleeping through the night soon anyways since I already knew the concept (eat, play, sleep, repeat).
We went to group...
Love this hat and love his bubble creation ha!
Afterwards we went to Gap Kids, Pier 1 Imports, and Crazy 8. We went to my parents for dinner and Kevin got home that night from his business trip in Indiana.
Sleepy Ryder!

November 14 - Wednesday: Ryder and I went to get my retainers checked at the orthodontist. We hit up Target and did a lot of stuff at home. Kevin and I had enchiladas for dinner and not sure what else went down.

November 15 - Thursday: I hung out at home all day getting things done and at night Kevin had a coaches meeting. He is the Stake Athletic Director for our Stake (church). Meanwhile, I printed and folded the ward bulletins...and it took like an hour haha.

November 16 - Friday: Kevin left on another business trip this week to Arizona. I went to a mom group in the morning and had lunch with my mom at Cafe Rio. I finally hit up Plato's Closet and the Clothes Mentor to sell some old clothes. I had been going through my closet for a couple of weeks and washing the clothes to sell. Kevin also went through his stuff so we had 2 huge boxes. It was probably my most successful sell since I came away with a little over a $100! Not bad!
Here we were waiting for them to go through the clothes.
Outside Plato's Closet.
Afterwards, we hung out the parents, I read more of Baby Wise, and we ate dinner at Smashburger.
I love their chicken sandwiches!
Me and Hunter.

November 17 - Saturday: Ryder and I hung out at home for most of the day. Kevin was still out of town. We went to Jason's Deli with my family and afterwards got groceries. One thing that is annoying is that the Chicco carseats don't fit in the front of grocery carts. One thing I LOVE about them is that it is like the safest car seat. Anyways, if you want to buy a lot of food there isn't really much room in the cart so I put him in the Moby Wrap. I don't use it that often so I guess he isn't used to it but the second we got in he started crying and there was nothing I could do since he was in their so tightly lol. I tried giving him a binky but it was hard to do because he was so close to me and he kept turning his head back and forth, left to right. I got the binky in and ran around the store grabbing random things because he wasn't really liking it haha. Sooo that was an experience.

November 18 - Sunday: So Kevin and I are in a different ward than my parents even though we live a mile and a half away. It feels like Utah! Anyways, ours meets at 8 am and my parents meet at 10 am. Since Kevin was out of town I decided I was going to their ward and boy what a difference does 2 hours make! It is so much better! While we were in sacrament Kelsi (my sister who goes to school at BYU in Provo) walks in. She had just got in from a flight (for Thanksgiving week) but wanted to attend most of church. It was cool because she hadn't seem him since his blessing in late September!
In the hallway we found my friend Rebekah and her baby Carmen.
Ryder was such a little flirt! He was all smiley looking at her!
Next up: Week 11, maternity photos, Ryder's baby blessing, and hopefully I will get caught up so I don't have to do these weird weekly posts (honestly don't like the format)!


  1. He is just so adorable :) Love how you are documenting his life each week!

  2. I absolutely love your blog!! Great pictures