Ryder's Life: Week 7

It is not even funny how behind I am on this little blog of mine.
Ryder is currently 12 weeks as of today!
He will be 3 months old next week!

Here goes!

October 22- 28, 2012

October 22 - Monday: Ryder and I visited my friend Laura Neibaur and hung out at her house this day. We had yummy pumpkin soup for dinner with her and her kiddos :) Meanwhile, Kevin was in LA for a business trip.
He wore this cute cardigan Laura got him!

October 23 - Tuesday: See What Ryder Likes To Do
Also, we went to Group at MCR this day!
We worked on his tummy time since he hasn't been a big fan.
Kevin came home from his business trip in LA!

October 24 - Wednesday: We had an appointment with Becky, our lactation consultant. Ryder was still struggling with his suck! I voted this day and you better believe I voted for Romney! (Still mourning about the outcome...like can't get over it.) Ryder was just the cutest thing in this outfit I love! He loves his play mat!
In between feedings I set up our Halloween decor.
Here you see some super ghoul skeleton lights.
Unfortunately I guess I didn't take any pictures of all the decor up...just this close up haha!
We actually have a lot of Halloween decor compared to other holidays!
My dad hooked me up while at BYU one year and we decorated my apartment with it (he came around the holiday) and then Kevin and I scored some from Walmart last year on sale after Halloween was over.
We had FHE this evening which consisted of hitting up Sam's Club, me running into Ann Taylor Loft to buy a top that was 50% off (they were having an awesome sale and I had been wanting the top), and watching a General Conference talk.
One of our many great Sam's Club purchases was these tomatoes. I eat them like candy!
October 25 - Thursday: Some ladies from church came over to check on me and it snowed...and I don't know what else we did...haha.

October 26 - Friday: Ryder and I went to a mom group where we all hang out with our babies haha and then went to a physical therapy appointment for his suck.
At night, Kevin, Ryder and I hit up the Ward Halloween Party. We ate chili and some yummy rolls and had a variety of desserts. I just remember the rolls because Kevin kept going back to get more haha! Ryder was a tiger for Halloween. 1. Because I couldn't find anything in his size at most stores. I found a few costumes but they were ugly. 2. I finally found this one piece outfit at Target and it was comfy and it was cheap so it was just perfect.
He has the most hilarious face here!
My little tiger! The cutest tiger I say!
And I didn't know what to be so I thought why not wear a cheetah print top and I can be a cat too haha! Kevin dressed up as himself aka he was lazy, haha!

October 27 - Saturday: We had a productive day at home and then for dinner we went over to our friends, Michael and Rebekah Wilkey's and had some yummy homemade chili! We watched a scary movie which I forget what it was called...and guess we didn't get any pictures! Rebekah has a baby girl, Carmen, that is 5 days older than Ryder so that is very fun :) Ryder was due 2 days before her but wanted to bake a little longer and come a week late haha!!!

October 28 - Sunday: We went to church and I got sustained as the Ward Bulletin Specialist aka I make the ward bulletins each week. I also got visit taught this afternoon and I think that is it!!!
Love bringing him to church!
Next up is Week 8...the week where things got a lot better ;)


  1. You are STUNNING in that last photo! Like blow that up and plaster your house with it! Gorgeous!

  2. Such a cutie pie...they really grow up fast!