Guys, I've been MIA for almost a month!
Ah, just as I was almost caught up! Such a bummer.
I hope to blog a little bit each day to catch up...
And honestly probably get behind again in December - got some trips - Haha.
But Ryder is nursing NORMAL! Like a normal baby! Yay! 
He finally got it at 8 weeks just as I was about to quit on him and give him formula!
I think the physical therapy helped.
Because of that, I've been able to leave the house and do whatever I want!
I'm no longer a slave to the pump!
(That's when I used to blog a lot)
I've been running errands and cleaning the house.
I am hoping to get a workout routine down (just have to coordinate someone to watch baby Ry) and get back in shape!
Ryder is just the best baby! He only really cries when he is hungry and sometimes when he is tired and wants to be swaddled and take a nap. He smiles all.the.time. and laughs a lot now too! It is the best.
I love being his mom.
Kevin and I love being his parents!
Anyways, we are alive and well over at the Sloan household.
More to come!
{PS. Isn't he the cutest thing? ^ Haha...biased mom...but really}


  1. so glad to hear things are going well with nursing! and now you're able to get things done :) Sounds like you have a fun December planned. I just realized that your blog wasn't pulling up in my reader for some reason. gosh, so I have A LOT to catch up on! Luckily I have been following you on instagram and I have loved that! Now I sound like a total creeper haha. Anyway, Ryder is so cute and you two are great parents!

  2. No, he really is the cutest thing. Look at that adorable smile!

  3. I'm so glad everything worked out with nursing! I know that can be really frustrating. He's such a handsome babe :)