Ryder's Life: Week 6

October 15-21, 2012

I can't believe how time is flying with having our little Ryder around! It has been awesome but I want him to stay little for a little longer ;) And of course, Kevin wants him to get bigger so he can do sporty things with him... I think that is common, for moms wanting their babies to stay little and the husbands wanting them to grow older. He is now wearing some 3-6 month clothing!!!
October 15- Monday: Kevin left on a business trip to Milwaukee. I hung out at home and I'm guessing I probably fed Ryder all day and did random things.
Ryder loves his binky; he is so funny when he holds it in!
The highlight of the day was when I gave him a manicure; I totally need to do again!
Those nails get seem to grow fast and are so sharp!
October 16- Tuesday: Ryder and I went to group and stayed after for a free class (Bright Beginnings) at the hospital where they give you a baby book, CD, and tons of random materials so you can help your baby grow and develop on or before schedule, I guess you could say. Hopefully that makes sense.
He looks like he wants to beat someone up here!
Kevin came home later that day from his business trip and we watched the Presidential Debate!
Go Mitt! Woohoo!

October 17 - Wednesday: I'm pretty sure this was another stay-at-home day... I guess when I say that it probably seems like I do nothing but eat and feed Ryder, but I do a lot. Laundry, dishes, paying bills, running errands, random things, etc... I am always busy! There is always something to be done!

October 18 - Thursday: Today I had my 6 week check up with my ob. Everything is looking good! My incision still hurts with tight clothing and that is normal...so I just don't wear tight stuff right now. I ran errands at Target, Babies 'R' Us, Wells Fargo, and was going to do more but it was snowing and I didn't feel like getting Ryder and all of the stroller stuff out in the snow!
Just hanging out with the babe.
And unfortunately when I switch the camera around on my iPhone to take photos, they are super grainy/blurry (obviously!) because I have an Otterbox covering the camera.
October 19 - Friday: I went to a 'mom group' thing and probably will continue to keep going to it weekly but we shall see. Most of the girls are from MCR's group that I go to for Ryder's feeding problems. I think he has the worst issues out of everyone there! We all just hung out!

October 20 - Saturday: Ryder woke up with a ton of goop in his eye! Every time he took a nap it would come back and it would even be hard for him to open his eye. It was very sad!
We got some stuff done around the house, stocked up on more groceries, and Kevin worked on the yard and prepped it for winter. Later in the day I met with my lactation consultant. Ryder had made some improvement but not a ton. So working on that still!
Then afterwards we went to the adult session of Stake Conference.
Ryder wore his blessing outfit again! I love it! He looks so old sitting up on a chair haha.
After feeding him, he passed out in church.
What a cutie.
October 21 - Sunday: We attended Stake Conference in the morning. I wanted Ryder to wear this little church outfit and of course once we got him out of his car seat to feed him, he decided to pee up the back of it haha! I don't know how pee can miss his diaper and go up his back! Impressive what little boys can do ;) I was just holding him and all of a sudden felt warmness hehe.
Before church photoshoot with the boy. Good thing we took these beforehand otherwise he would be wearing his pajamas because that is what I brought for a backup outfit.
Later my friend Emily came over with her dog Copper. We walked our dogs and pushed Ryder in his stroller around the area. We made a crock-pot dinner and my dad and Hunter came over to feast with us! They had just gotten back from the airport after a trip in Utah.

Overall, it was another good week!


  1. i love how you write ash. it's going to be so awesome to look back in a few years at how much he has grown and all the fun things you document when he was this little :) okay srsly.. you guys are the cutest little family. i wish you lived closer so we could be in real life friends! have a wonderful week


  2. Such a darling little boy! You are sooo blessed.

  3. Babies have the sharpest nails! I feel like we're constantly trying to cut them or trim them so our little boy won't cut his face!

    I love that button up! We have the same one for Martin! He grew out of it far too quickly. ): Ryder looks so handsome in it. (:

  4. Ryder is already getting so big! Ashley, you look so happy and like you are just loving motherhood. I hope the feeding gets better. Just hang in there and trust your motherly instincts.

  5. I am SO glad you told me about your blog. Ryder is such a handsome little baby and I love seeing your pictures on IG. Can't wait to hear more about your perfect little family!


  6. I can't remember if I ever told you CONGRATULATIONS! Ryder is such a sweet little guy, and you look so gorgeous in these pictures! Hope you're enjoying your newest addition. :)

  7. Just found your blog through instagram! I love your blog and your little family is just adorable! Great job in keeping all these memories of him, I so wish I did a better job of this.